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Ghillie Suit Duck Hunting Tips for Success

November 11, 2020

By Nate


Seeking some ghillie suit duck hunting tips? Duck hunting is not as easy as it seems. Ducks move faster and recognize the hunters or any danger quickly. It could be easier for the ducks to find you if you go in your regular dress or common camo suit. Therefore, you must be prepared for a ghillie suit duck hunting so the ducks cannot recognize where you are.

How to Make Ghillie Suit Duck Hunting Successful

Duck hunting is not a new practice; it is being practiced for a very long time. Some people used to hunt ducks and other birds for meat and their feathers, whereas some only do this for pleasure. 

Duck hunters often use a shotgun for hunting a duck, but it is not the only important thing. Ducks have a keen sense of sight, and they sense the minimal movement around themselves. So, you need to conceal yourself if you want to hunt a duck.

The ghillie suit (duck hunting) needs to be more specific, and it must camouflage you well. What you must know is duck hunting is not as easy as hunting a deer. Thus, you must be prepared to attract the duck, and for that, you may need to wait for the right time to attack.

For a Successful Hunt: 

  • You need to set up the duck blind near the lake or pond, where these ducks usually go. 
  • You must be wearing a ghillie suit to camouflage the surroundings and wait for the ducks.
  • Sometimes you also need to use bird calls to trap them. They will be attracted to the sound, assuming that there will be more ducks and the lake is safe for them.
  • Most of the time, decoys are used to trap the ducks. You can also use a decoy to which ducks are attracted.

Are Ghillie Suits Good for Hunting?

Hunting is an entirely different experience, and it requires expertise. The waterfowls are provided with a keen sense that they can distinguish your slight noise and movement. If you want your hunting to be successful, you need to take extra precautions. For hiding yourself, ghillie suits work best as it conceals you from head to toe.

Ghillie suit is a camouflage clothing that is used by hunters and sniper men to conceal themselves by imitating their background. They wait for the right time to attack their target. These suits are designed in different patterns, and you can choose according to the place where you are going to hunt. 

Ghillie suits for hunting are available in most stores, and you can also find them at online stores. They usually consist of jackets and pants, but some of the ghillie suits also have rifle wrap and hood with them. So, you can select depending upon your preference.

If you are going hunting, you must look for a lightweight ghillie suit, as you cannot wear the heavy suit for long. These ghillie suits cover you completely from head to toe and make it easier for you to hunt. As hunting is done from a short distance, you must look for a suit that does not produce any noise and flow with breeze. 

Before purchasing your ghillie suit, you must check your terrain to ensure which ghillie suit will imitate the surroundings perfectly. 

If you are hunting in fall and there are leaves all around, you can stick a few leaves on your suit to blend well with the surrounding.

What Camo is Best for Duck Hunting?

It is a long debate about which ghillie suit duck hunting would be the best. It is difficult to say that a particular ghillie suit is the best and suitable every time. Instead, it depends on the area where you are going to wear your ghillie suit for duck hunting. There are different types of ghillie suits from which you can choose the one that blends well with your surroundings. Let’s see different types of ghillies suit so that you can decide which one would be better.

Woodland Camo Pattern

It is the most preferred camo suit by hunters and snipers. It is ideal if you want to hide in the forest, having the wooden pattern imitate the surroundings of the wooden area. The woodland camo is available in two different colors; leafy camo for the spring season and brown for the autumns.

Snowfall Camo Pattern

You cannot wear your woodland camo in the snowfall, as it will not do its job. That’s why there are snowfall ghillie suits available if you are going to an area covered with snow. But the snow ghillie suit is not completely white; it is mixed with other patterns to imitate the surroundings, just like you cannot wear the same ghillie suit in all forests. Many people don’t know about the availability of different snowfall ghillie suits that vary according to the terrain. It is not a preferred ghillies suit for duck hunting.

Brush Camo Pattern

Although it is not widely used, this camo pattern is suitable to blend in areas that are mostly open spaces and only have dirt and dead grass. 

Waterfowl Camo Pattern

Waterfowl/ marsh ghillie suits are suitable for the swamp but are not suitable for other terrains. Waterfowl ghillie suits have tall grass, reeds, and other such plants that you find in the swampy regions. It blends well with the surrounding leaving you invisible, and you can easily hunt the waterfowl. 

Unlike the deer, ducks have sharp vision, and they can see all the colors. So, if you are planning to hunt duck next time, try the waterfowl ghillie suit that perfectly blends with the swampy area. This is the best choice for ghillie suit duck hunting lovers.

What Time of Day is Best for Duck Hunting?

There are numerous factors that should be considered before duck hunting. Weather conditions greatly affect the duck hunt. But besides this, the duck species, location, and time of the day and year should also be considered.


It is considered that duck hunting is greatly affected by the season. These waterfowl change their activities throughout the year. It is said that the best time for duck hunting is when there is a cold front in the autumn.

But it is not the only factor on which duck hunting depends. It varies with the duck species and some other factors as well. 

Time of the Day

Some hunters believe that if you plan to hunt ducks, you must go after dawn as it is the ideal time. But again, it is not true at all times. Some hunters get their maximum hunt in the afternoon or other parts of the day. So, no one can exactly claim the ideal time; it is said on the basis of the experience of some hunters. You must not forget that the time alone is not responsible, but you must consider the location and species of duck. 

It might be possible that you get your hunt after dawn proving the statement, but if not, you should try it at some other time or day as well.

What is the Best Wind for Duck Hunting?

After selecting the ghillie suit, one question arises: how much wind is required for hunting and what is the best wind for a successful hunt.

Some of you might not know that the weather has the utmost influence on duck hunting. Ducks change their lifestyle with the change in weather conditions. 


The ideal weather for duck hunting is when it is windier. The reason for this is that ducks get restricted in their movement and try to find some shelter. Their movement also gets limited, so they can’t fly or move freely as in the normal weather conditions they do. Now, as there are only a few places for them to hide and take shelter, a lot of ducks gather at the same place. 

This seems to be an amazing opportunity for the duck hunter as he does not have to make more efforts to find ducks.

Clear Sky

Not all the weather conditions are in favor of the hunters. Some days test the patience of the hunters; clear skies and windless days are one of them. As the ducks are free to move, and they can easily identify the hunters because of their shadow. Therefore, it is difficult to hunt these days. The sky is clear, so if you stay there for some time, there is a possibility that ducks will notice your presence.

If you want to hunt on any such day, remember these ducks follow a regular pattern of flying and movement and go to the same place for feeding themselves. Thus, you must keep patience and observe their schedule. You need to know when and where they fly and feed. Once you observe these things, you are ready to hunt. 

Cold Climate

The cold climate can be in your favor if you can withstand the freezing temperature. During such conditions, ducks change their feeding pattern. Other than winters, they feed once in the morning, but in cold temperatures, they start feeding twice to avoid dietary deficiencies. With the increase in their search for food, you get more chances to hunt. 

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed duck hunting. Duck hunting is not as easy as it seems to be. You need to be patient and well prepared to hunt a duck; otherwise, you will waste your day without hunting a single duck. 

Ghillie suit duck hunting is necessary, but before planning your hunting, you must consider the location, wind, time, and other weather conditions because duck hunting is greatly influenced by these factors.

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