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Ghillie Suit for Archery Hunting: Tips for Outdoorsman

November 28, 2020

By Nate


Seeking the best ghillie suit for archery hunting? We hope this post provides some additional insight to set you up for success.

Archery hunting is a bit difficult, and you can’t do it without having some expertise in it because it is done at a very short distance from your prey. That’s the reason most of the hunters prefer using rifles for hunting.

Rifle hunting has its importance, but archery is a completely different adventure. It’s a thrill, and once you learn the basics of archery, you will never go back to the rifle.

Many people fail in archery because of different reasons; it might be due to their irregular practice, setting up the wrong angle, focus, or not hiding properly.

If you want to experience a thrilling archery hunt, the first thing you need to look for is a ghillie suit for archery hunting. 

The concept of the ghillie suit is not new; it dates back into history when hunting was the only way of survival for mankind. At that time, they don’t have the proper well-stitched ghillie suit for archery hunting; instead, they conceal themselves with the foliage so that their prey could not notice them. 

This practice is continued to date and helps the hunters to hunt without getting noticed. But now, proper suits are available to give a better camouflage.

What Do You Wear for Archery Hunting?

Your ghillie suit for archery hunting must be adjustable. It should fit you perfectly. You can’t afford to miss your target just because your loose clothes were continuously disturbing you, and you had to adjust them. Picking up the right clothing is also necessary for archery hunting. 

Choice of Clothes for Archery Hunting

Nowadays, we have a wide range of ghillie suits for archery hunting. You can select according to the terrain, weather condition, and that fits you perfectly.

Three-piece ghillie suit

If you are a regular hunter, then you must purchase the three-piece ghillie suit that will give you full coverage and last longer.

This three-piece ghillie suit consists of a jacket, pants, and hat. They imitate the background so that your prey can’t find you.

Single Piece Ghillie Suit

For those who go hunting rarely, a single piece hunting jacket is good for them. Also, you can wear a single-piece jacket or pants as an extra clothing article in case of cold weather.

3D ghillie suits

If you want to experience hunting to its fullest, then you should buy a 3D ghillie suit. The best feature of it is that it may look heavy, but it is lightweight and well ventilated. It is made with the leaves, twigs, and foliage of the terrain where you are going to hunt. 

But if you feel it does contain much of the foliage, you can also add some. 

Other than a ghillie suit, you also need some additional pieces of clothing for archery hunting. 

Hunting Boot

Having a good pair of hunting boots is also important. It can make or ruin your hunting trip. If you wear the wrong shoes, it will cause difficulty in moving. The worst hunting shoes may hurt your feet and make your trip miserable. 

The hunting shoes must fit well to your feet and must be comfortable. You don’t know how much you will have to walk, so always look for the comfortable one. 

If you are hunting in the cold, you should look for insulated boots. In contrast, buy the lightweight with breathable membrane shoes for summers.

If your hunting place is a marsh, you will find it difficult to walk as the shoes may become wet. For that, waterproof boots are also available.

Hunting Gloves

You should consider wearing hunting gloves while hunting regardless of the season. This is because, during the regular shooting of the arrows, it may cause blisters and cuts on your hand that would not allow you to hunt for a long time. 

These gloves will protect your hands from injury and also provide insulation in colds. Not only that, they are ideal for archery hunting as they improve grip, and you can have a successful hunt. The insulation gives extra coverage from injury. 

The mittens are ideal in the freezing temperature, providing you warmth, and some of these mittens can be converted into gloves. 

Qualities of a Ghillie Suit for Archery Hunting

Following are some of the qualities that you must look for before purchasing the ghillie suit for archery hunting.

1) Quietness

You must have heard this piece of advice many times that your suit and accessories should not make noise when you are hunting. So, before purchasing the ghillie suit for archery hunting, look for recommendations from experienced hunters about the ghillie suit that does not produce noise during movement. 

A little noise can alert your prey, and there are chances that you may lose your target.

2) Well-ventilated

It is one of the important aspects of the ghillie suit that you should look for. Ghillie suits must be made of such a fabric that allows proper ventilation. Otherwise, you may fall due to dehydration and a drop in blood pressure. Many manufacturers use highly breathable mesh that maintains ventilation.

3) Size

Always do proper research before purchasing a ghillie suit so that you can complete your adventure undistracted. 

Ghillie suits for archery hunting should be fit to your body. The poncho ghillie may disturb you while hunting, so it’s best to look for such a ghillie suit that has elastic bands on the cuffs. 

What Do I Need for Archery Hunting?

Like any other sport, you can’t go into the field unprepared and empty-handed; you need preparation. For gathering the accessories, you may need to visit many stores to get your required items.

Similarly, for archery hunting, you need to be prepared and have all the necessary equipment to make a successful hunt.

Let’s discuss some essentials that you will require for archery hunting.

Archery Gear

You cannot hunt without having archery gear. Your archery gear must include the bow, arrows, and broadheads.

You can buy them from any archery store, and if you already have everything, check them before taking them for hunting so that you can address the problem or fault if there is any.

The bow is essential for your archery gear, and it is a difficult task to choose the best one. If you don’t know much about it, look for someone familiar with archery hunting.

After the bow, the next important thing is the arrow. You can’t take any arrow with you for archery hunting. It is best if you purchase both the bow and arrow at the same time to get the perfect match. 

Last but most important is the bowhead. The bowheads play an important role in your successful hunt. Check the flight of your bowhead; if it does not strike at the desired point, look for the problem. It might be due to the wrong adjustment of the arrow rest. If it works well, check how sharp your bowhead is. Fix your bowhead on the arrow and pack your archery gear.

Hunting Gear

Your hunting gear is the next essential that should be decided on your plan where you are going to hunt.

A backpack is included in hunting gear, that varies depending on the terrain where you will hunt. The archery hunters usually carry small backpacks in which they can carry their lunch, water, and other important stuff. In contrast, some hunters take a large backpack so that they can pack the meat of their hunt in their bags.

You need your hunting license, flashlight, first aid kit(to deal with an emergency), wind checker, and rangefinder as well. 

These are just a few things that you should take along with you, and it varies to every hunter and depends on the place as well.

Are Ghillie Suits Legal?

This question is asked many times, and it sometimes seems so meaningless why any government put legal restrictions on wearing a ghillie suit. 

Some states have established certain laws in this regard, and the reason behind this restriction was the usage of ghillie suits in committing crimes. An incident was reported where an Australian man assaulted a schoolgirl, and the girl stated that he was wearing a ghillie suit. After that, the government made a law for wearing a ghillie suit in public. 

The purpose of the ghillie suit is to conceal oneself from his enemies and hunt. Earlier it was only worn by the hunters and military personnel. But, with the advancement of technology and the launch of CS games, and the increasing trend of themed parties, we have seen an increase in the purchase of ghillie suits among the boys for themed parties at their schools as well. As it is available at all the online stores, purchasing it gets easier. 

Closing Thoughts

Archery hunting is an incredible adventure for those who know how to hunt. In this article, we have discussed in detail the ghillie suit for archery hunting and its features that you should look for before purchasing. We have also mentioned some of the necessary things for archery hunting.

We hope that this article will help you in choosing your ghillie suit for archery hunting, and you may have a wonderful archery experience.

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