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Ghillie Suit for Halloween Tips to Scare Everyone

November 27, 2020

By Nate


Seeking more information about the best ghillie suit for halloween?

Do you want to take center stage at the Halloween party? Why don’t you try something unusual? We have a brilliant idea for you. A Ghillie suit for Halloween is something that will make you in the limelight of the party. No one would imagine a hidden person in the nearby bushes.

Ghillie suit for Halloween is a costume that is getting popularity among the boys. Everyone wants to get attention at the party; a ghillie suit for Halloween is an ideal recommendation to be in the limelight.

Ghillie suits are usually the costume of the hunters and snipers who wear them to conceal and blend themselves with the surrounding. But today, we see that it is gaining popularity among the local community as well. One of the reasons is the use of ghillie suits in CS games. 

Now, the boys are getting crazy over the purchase of ghillie suits, and that’s why they are available in the kids’ range as well.

What Is a Ghillie Suit?

Ghillie suits are a type of camouflage garment used to make the wearer hidden and help him to target his enemies. The ghillie suits are made by using the foliage to imitate the surroundings and break the outline of the wearer’s body so that his enemies couldn’t find him. 

History of Ghillie Suits

Ghillie suits have been used for centuries, and every time it is used for the same purpose; to conceal one from his enemies. 

But specifically, the ghillie suits originated from the lands of Scotland, where the shepherds used it for the first time to kill the predators attacking their flock. They hid in the bushes by wearing a ghillie suit. The suit helped them to attack their enemies.

Later on, the Landlords of Scotland used the same technique to protect their land. They hired ghillies (game wardens) to protect their land from the poachers in the same way as shepherds did. Those ghillies waited for the poachers by covering themselves and lying still for a long time, and when poachers passed without noticing them, they grabbed them from the back and took them to their lord, who killed the poacher in a mock hunt.

The ghillie suit was first used on the battlefield by the Scottish Lovat Scout in the Second Boer War. The commander of the Scottish army chose the ghillies and shepherds who had the experience of ghillie suits. Furthermore, after succeeding in the Second Boer War, they also took part in the first and second world wars. 

In WWII, they showed an exceptional performance against the Germans and defeated the enemies many times on the field with their heroic tactics. Today, we see that the ghillie suit is essential for military personnel.

What Features We Should Look for In a Ghillie Suit?

An ideal ghillie suit is one that fulfills all of your requirements, or if not all, at least provides you maximum benefits.

Following are some of the features that you should look for while purchasing a ghillie suit.

Fabric of the Ghillie Suit: 

Ghillie suits are made of synthetic fabric, mainly polyester, and some ghillie suits also use spandex, nylon, and ice silk. These fabrics are ideal for the ghillie suit. Unlike cotton, they do not absorb moisture, and if they get wet, they dry up quickly. 

Whether you are a sniper, hunter, or game player, look for the ghillie suit that has mesh netting. The benefit of mesh netting is that it facilitates ventilation; otherwise, the temperature inside the ghillie suit reaches up to 50 degrees celsius that is extremely dangerous for the body.

Easy to Wear:

An ideal ghillie suit must be easy to wear and take off. It shouldn’t be such that you need a lot of time wearing and assembling your hunting gear. Otherwise, you may lose your target.


If you are a hunter or sniper, then you must look for a ghillie suit that must be comfortable. An uncomfortable ghillie suit having other benefits is of no use. Sometimes hunters and snipers need to spend days at the location, so an uncomfortable ghillie suit may make their stay terrible. 

Size of the Ghillie Suit:

Your ghillie suit must be according to your size. An oversized or undersized ghillie suit will make you uncomfortable throughout your stay. It’s too difficult for the hunters to adjust their ghillie suit continuously.


A durable ghillie suit is necessary for the hunter or sniper. You will not purchase a new ghillie suit every few days. To check the durability of the ghillie suit, look at whether it is stitched well or not. A durable ghillie suit is often made mildew and rots free to keep the ghillie suit safer for a long time.

A fire-resistant ghillie suit is essential because the forest catches fire easily, and if your ghillie suit is made of jute, then it is more likely that your ghillie suit will catch fire too. A polyester ghillie suit is best in this case as it is fire-retardant.

Water-resistance is another property that increases the durability of the ghillie suit. A little water increases the weight of a ghillie suit by many folds, so it is advisable to look for a water-resistant ghillie suit.

Color of the Ghillie Suit:

It is the most crucial point to consider because a wrong color pattern of your ghillie suit would be a loss for you. Look for the right color scheme so that it has a natural look that matches the surrounding.

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

The cost of an average ghillie suit lies between $20- $150. The higher-priced ghillie suits have additional accessories along with better fabric quality. The manufacturer charges more because there must be some reason for it.

But if you are looking for a ghillie suit for a Halloween party, then we believe that a cheaper one would be sufficient too because the purpose of wearing a ghillie suit is not the protection against the enemies or a successful hunt, but it is just for fun. 

The cost varies depending upon the activity you would perform and the features you need in your ghillie suit.

The snipers need a ghillie suit that must be waterproof, fire-resistant, and gives better coverage to the wearer from head to toe and also hide his accessories. 

A hunter needs a ghillie suit that must be comfortable, waterproof, and allows free movement. Additional accessories for the hunter include rifle wrap, facemask, and carry bag. 

So, if the manufacturer is providing you all these things along with the ghillie suit, it will increase the cost of the ghillie suit. 

Whereas the ghillie suit for Halloween doesn’t need to be of high quality, and there is no need for additional accessories.

What Are the Other Benefits Of Ghillie Suits?

Ghillie suit is an article of ideal clothing used over centuries for hunting and sniping purposes. They were designed to provide concealment to the wearer and blend with the surrounding.

Some other benefits that it provides besides concealment includes,

Protection from Cold Weather

Ghillie suits are made of thick layering of synthetic threads or leaves that are attached over the base of the suit. They provide excellent coverage against the cold weather and keep the wearer warm for a long time. The polyester fabric works as an insulator and helps the wearer to stand steadfast in the cold freezing temperatures.

Protection from the Rain

The polyester ghillie suits protect from the water and spill to some extent. Also, some ghillie suits are waterproof and do not allow the ghillie suit to get wet in rain or snow.

Increases the Chance of a Successful Hunt

Ghillie suits cover the wearer in such a way that it becomes quite impossible for the prey to identify him. It allows the wearer to get a successful hunt without being noticed.

An Ideal Costume for Themed Parties

Deciding what to wear at themed parties sometimes exhausts us. A Ghillie suit for Halloween is a unique and notable costume if you want to gain all of the attention at the party. You can also use the same costume for hunting at a later time.

Do Ghillie Suits Work as Intended?

Ghillie suits are amongst the most recommended and effective camouflage clothing. The regular camouflage dresses are made according to the color of the surrounding terrain, but they do not help to conceal the wearer as effectively as ghillie suits do. 

The ghillie suits are camouflage suits with heavy foliage that not only blend with the surroundings but make it impossible to find you in the bushes. 

The ghillie suit breaks the human body outline and makes him a three-dimensional part of the surrounding. After that, even the keen prey would pass by without spotting you. 

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suits are one of the types of camo dresses that offer concealment to the wearer. Besides concealment, ghillie suits also provide additional benefits to the wearer and make his stay comfortable. 

A ghillie suit could be a unique costume for Halloween. If you are tired of traditional costumes, you can try it.

In the article, we have discussed the key features that you should look for before purchasing a ghillie suit if you want to have a comfortable trip/party time. We hope that this article will clear all of your queries, and you will find it beneficial.

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