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Ghillie Suit for Kid Use

November 1, 2020

By Nate


Are you seeking the best ghillie suit for kid use? If so, welcome Ghille Suits. We are glad you have arrived. Ghille suits are not just for adults. Kids can certainly use these as well and for various uses. They are great for halloween gifts as well as hunting. Of course, we do hope a parent or guardian is nearby if a child is using any form of firearm for obvious reasons. That being said, our aim with this post is to provide you a few options for ghillie suit for kid use. There are certainly numerous options online for your child.

Our aim with this post is to provide you our top 5 recommendations for ghille suits for kids.

Eamber 3D Ghillie Suit

The Eamber 3D ghille suit for kids is a great starter for your child, nephew or niece. It is made out of 100 percent polyester lining. In addition, it is comfortable to wear and made with synthetic thread. Furthermore, this water-repellent, mildew proof ghille suit will endure your child or loved ones is comfortable while wearing it.

This ghille suit can be used for numerous reasons such as…

  • Tree houses
  • Wildlife photography
  • Film sets
  • Hunting
  • Fun parties
  • Halloween costume
  • Kids play dens

You will certainly not be seen in this ghille suit. In addition, you will easily be able to blend in with your environment. You’ll be able to blend in with tress, bushes and your surrounding habit perfectly. Animals will not be able to detect where you are wearing this suit for sure. The suit is measurable for kids that are anywhere from 3’9″ to 4’6″ in height. The Eamber ghille suit comes with trousers, hood, jacket, mesh field carry bag and gun cover.

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Arcturus Kids Ghost Ghillie Suits

The Arcturus kids ghost ghillie lands on our top recommended ghillie suit for kid use. it is a perfect option for kids with an interest in paintball, airsoft or their first hunt with a parent or family member. Arcturus has your loved one in good hands making it also a perfect halloween costume gift as well. This kids ghillie suit has a flexible, waistband drawstring. In addition, it also features elastic cuffs making this suit available to youth of all sizes.

Also, the Arcturus youth ghillie suit is water resistant. So, there is no need to be concerned about the weather conditions. Raining? Not a problem. The Arcturus kids ghillie suit will ensure you remain dry in all weather and terrain. The thread of this ghillie suit is also double stitched minimizing shedding while also adding additional stability and durability.

Lastly, this ghillie suit included trousers, jacket and attached hood. In addition, it also comes with a ghillie wrap for your rifle as well as a mesh carry bag. So, your kid will surely have everything he or she needs to maintain concealment at all times.

Learn More About the Arcturus Kids Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Baoblaze 2Pcs Durable Unisex Ghillie Suits

The Baoblaze 2 piece ghillie suits is a great option for both the parent and child team. Two suits all for a reasonable price cannot be beat. The Baoblaz features a 3D leafy, camo design and will ensure you remain concealed in all terrains. This particular ghillie suit is made out of cotton polyester and is not only breathable but also extremely comfortable. You will not be noticed in the woods wearing this ghillie suit.

The baoblaze ghillie suit for kid and adult use can be used for a variety of ways such as…

  • Surveillance
  • Concealment
  • Wildfowling
  • Wildlife photography
  • Birdwatching
  • Hunting
  • and much more

The ghillie suit also features a zipper design jacket. In addition, it also comes with an elastic, drawstring waist on the trousers for easy adjusting and wear. So, if you are seeking a reasonably priced ghillie suit for your child or loved ones this is certainly one of our top recommendation ghillie suit for kid or adult use.

Learn More About the Baoblaze Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Auscamotek 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit

Are you interested in hunting birds or other wildlife and don’t want to be detected? The Auscamotek ghillie suit is a great fit for any outdoor enthusiast. You will blend into your terrain without ever even being scene. You can even stalk your friends or family without them noticing you in the woods.  

This ghillie suit is soft and lightweight. It also is made out of quick dry, knitted moisture wicking frabic. So, you will take comfort in knowing you will remain dry in all sorts of different weather conditions wearing this. It also features a beautiful brown leave and tree camouflage print design. You will most certainly be difficult to be detected wearing this ghillie suit in the outdoors.

Additional Features

  • Lightweight
  • Breathable material ensuring you will remain comfortable in all weather conditions
  • Ideal suit for stalking and hunting
  • The suit also remains quiet while movement takes place adjusting for tracking and shooting
  • Can easily put suit on even while wearing boots thanks to the sap buttons on the ghillie suit

Learn More About the Auscamotek Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Pinty Ghillie Suit 3D 4-Piece Ghillie Suit

Ready to take your outdoor hunting and concealment to the next level? The Pinty Ghillie suit is one of the top ghilliesuit for kid and adult use in the marketplace. Affordably priced with all the bells and whistles to boot.

This ghillie suit weighs 4.4 lbs so may not be as comfortable as compared to our other top recommended ghillie suits. Again, it all depends on the individuals needs and desires. That being said, this ghillie suit is perfect for parents, youth and adults with heights between 5’7″ to 6’3″. In addition, it also features buttons on the trousers to ensure protection from chiggers, ants and mosquitos. So, no need to worry about rodents while trying to concentrate on hunting, paintball or any other outdoor needs.

The Pinty Ghillie suit comes with a total of 5 pieces with your gun cover, trousers, jacket, mask and stuff sack. All is camoflauged to ensure total concealment thanks to its advanced 3D camo colors. Lastly, it is made out of polypropylene and polyester material keeping you feeling comfortable and hard to detect at all times while outdoors.

Learn More About the Pinty Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Closing Thoughts

So, as you can see there are certainly some great options for ghillie suits for kid as well as adult use out there. The key thing to keep in mind is what is the best choice for your kid. What does she or he want most out of their ghillie suit. There are many options out there to consider. Some are perfect for winter while others are better suited for fall or spring.

Regardless which ghillie suit you choose we know these 5 recommended kid ghillie suit options will set you and your loved ones up for success.

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