Ghillie Suit for Sale Tips for Success

Ghillie Suit for Sale

Are you seeking a ghillie suit for sale? If so, below we provide some helpful tips to help set you up for success.

Finding the best ghillie suit can be a real struggle. You must have sufficient knowledge about the qualities that it must possess because you are looking for a dress that you will wear while hunting or military operations. There are many types of ghillie suits and brands available, so it is difficult to pick the best one. But if you know about the factors to look at, you can easily get the best one.

If you choose the wrong material, it might go well for one time, but it will not last for a long time. The price of a ghillie suit is not the only concern, but also the fabric, quality, weight, and much more. These are only a few things which we have mentioned; you have to deal with much more if you are in search of a good quality ghillie suit.

How to Get a Ghillie Suit for a Low Price?

Imagine you find some good quality ghillie suit, but you can’t purchase it because of the price. It could happen because the top quality ghillie suits that fulfill all of the requirements are not cheap. Hunters and sniper men are usually in search of high-quality ghillie suits.

You might need to think twice before you make a purchase because an average ghillie suit comes in the range of $50- $150. Furthermore, high-quality suits could be more expensive.

So, what will you do? If you don’t have any option other than cutting off some of your expenses and saving to buy a ghillie suit for hunting, don’t worry, we have a solution for you.

Many ghillie suit manufacturers and sellers offer a ghillie suit for sale, from which you can buy a good ghillie suit at a lower price. If your child has a themed party at his school and is insisting you buy a ghillie suit, then you should look for some online stores that have any ghillie suit for sale.

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

Ghillie suit cost will vary depending on your needs. You can buy a decent ghillie suit in the range of $50-$150. But if somewhere you find a ghillie suit for sale, you can get one for $20-$30. Yes, that’s so cheap. But you must consider the fact that why the ghillie suits are expensive.

If you have ever tried to make your ghillie suit at home, then you would say that they are rightly priced. It is a tiresome process that takes days to complete. Although it looks so messy as a final product, it requires minor detailing. Let’s look at a few factors on which the price depends.

Weight of the Suit

The quality of the fabric used in a ghillie suit is also an essential part. As ghillie suits are worn by snipers and hunters, it must be made with perfection.

You have to select a polyester for the ghillie suit as it is lightweight, and it is one of the essentials for the ghillie suit that it must be lightweight. Otherwise, it would be of no use. Moreover, you have to select such materials that do not produce sound because you might get detected while moving. Your enemies may become attentive.

Fire-resistant Material

Many manufacturers are making fire-resistant ghillie suits as they are worn in the forest mostly, and we all know that polyester catches fire quickly. So, if they are making it fireproof, it would definitely increase the cost of the final product.


During hunting or military operation, you can’t go back if it’s rain, and also you can’t wear raincoats to protect yourself and your ghillie suit from rain, so they are made waterproof.

Accessories Included with the Suit

Many of the ghillie suits come in the package of 4 pieces or more. They consist of a jacket, pants, rifle wrap, hat, and a facemask. If manufacturers are providing you everything to make it possible for you to disguise, then obviously, they would charge more.

These were some of the factors on which the cost of ghillie suits depends. There are still numerous factors that are not discussed here.

Where Can I Find a Ghillie Suit?

A few years ago, it was difficult to find a good ghillie suit at a reasonable price. But now, with the advancement of technology and online shopping, it has become much convenient for us to buy anything with a few taps.

There are tons of online stores that offer the ghillie suit for sale, and the best thing is that you can compare the products and check the reviews of other users that are not much possible in physical shopping. You have complete independence to select the product of your own choice.

These online stores have ghillie suits in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Now with the increasing trend of themed parties at schools, they are also available for kids with all the same specifications as that for an adult.

Not only do these stores have complete ghillie suits, but you can get the jute and netting material and can make ghillie suits on your own. You can also customize your ghillie suit by adding more leaves or changing the color to your choice.

Ghillie Suit Accessories

The most sold item is the standard ghillie suit that consists of a jacket and pants. The jacket may or may not contain a hood. It hides you from head to toe and is most commonly purchased.

These ghillie suits come in 4 different patterns; mossy, desert, woodland, and leafy. The pattern is selected based on where you are going to wear your ghillie suit. You need to pick the appropriate one because the purpose of a ghillie suit is to conceal your identity and blend you with the surroundings.

Besides the color pattern, they are available in different styles depending upon your need. A poncho ghillie suit does not have a zipper and is one-piece clothing that is easy to wear. It is like a long jacket. It is suitable for hunting. Some of the ghillie suits are available as two-piece suits in which jacket and pants are separate.

Why are They Called a Ghillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is widely used by sniper men, hunters, and photographers. It is not a new term; it was first used in the 20th century, where it was first used officially in the military operation.

Before that, it was not called by the name of the ghillie suit, but the concept of camouflage was there. We see that people used leaves and twigs to cover themselves when they went hunting.

The term ghillie is from the Gaelic for a boy who serves others in hunting and fishing. It was first used by the Lovat Scouts during the Second Boer War, and after that, in 1916, it became a part of the British army sniper unit.

Whereas in Scottish mythology, the word ghillie comes from the Ghillie Dhu, a male fairy who always clothed in leaves and mosses.

Ghillie suit is a camouflage outfit which conceals the body from the head to the toe and blends the person with the surrounding so that it is impossible to find him.

Are Gillie Suits Illegal in Australia?

You might not have thought there is any law regarding wearing a ghillie suit. It does not make sense, but due to some incidents, it was a topic that was discussed at the government level as well.

Wearing a ghillie suit is legal in every state across the globe, but some states have established certain laws to maintain a peaceful environment as some people wore the ghillie suit to commit a crime.

The regulations were implemented after an Australian man assaulted a woman in public wearing a ghillie suit. And the purpose of wearing the ghillie suit was to disguise his identity. After this crime, the Australian government enforced certain laws of wearing ghillie suits in public. But that does not ban wearing a ghillie suit in public.

A similar case arose where schoolgirls were assaulted by strangers who were wearing a 3D leafy ghillie suit, as reported by the girls. They were wearing a facemask, gloves, and camouflage backpack along with the ghillie suit.

Closing Thoughts

After looking at the price of the ghillie suit, you might be looking for a ghillie suit for sale. With the increasing trend of wearing ghillie suits for hunting, games, and themed parties, they are now sold at almost every online store and also available at military clothing shops.

If you could not find a complete ghillie suit for sale, you may make it on your own by using an old military uniform and some burlap. But remember one thing, making a ghillie suit at home can be tiresome, and it would not be up to the quality you want. So, if you need a ghillie suit, then we would recommend you to first check the legal instructions of your state regarding the ghillie suit, then look for the ghillie suit that is the lightest in weight and also does not get heavy on your pocket. Other than that, you may also check the quality of the fabric, size, and some other factors before making the purchase.

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