Ghillie Suit for Turkey Hunting

ghillie suit for turkey hunting

Are you seeking the best ghillie suit for turkey hunting? If so, welcome to Ghille Suits. We’re are glad you have arrived. There are numerous ghillie suits in the marketplace to choose from. Our goal with this post is to provide some of our top picks for the best ghillie suits for turkey hunting. The key to successful game hunting is to remain concealed and undetected. Ghillie suits can easily help you blend into your surroundings without ever being seen. Our military members regularly use ghillie suits in special operations missions.

People all over the world use ghillie suits for various reasons from hunting, halloween costumes, surveillance among others. Turkey hunting, obviously, is a major pastime for many people all around the world. A quality ghillie suit will ensure you are set up for success. If you are seeking a legitimate ghillie suit for turkey hunting below are some of our top picks.

Best Ghillie Suit for Turkey Hunting Recommendations

VIVO Ghillie Suit Camo Woodland Camo Forest Hunting 4-Piece + Bag

The Vivo ghillie suit is one of the top turkey hunting suits in the marketplace. This is the perfect ghillie suit for people seeking the best in quality and maximum concealment. Yes, there are even ghillie suit for kid use out there but this is one most suited for adults. The Vivo comes in two sizes, medium and large and is decorated in woodland camo. Perfect for easy concealment. This ghillie suit will ensure no turkeys will see you.

The Vivo ghillie suit is also very lightweight, comes with a gun cover, mask, trousers, jacket and stuff sack. All of which are camouflaged to ensure you remain undetected and concealed. The suit is made out of 100 percent polypropylene strings and polyester lining. So, you will ensure to be comfortable at all times.

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RUNPO Upgrade Ghillie Suit

The RUNPO ghillie suit will ensure you easily blend into the wooded environement. You will most certainly go undetected by other humans and animals wearing this suit. The RUNPO is the perfect ghillie suit for turkey hunting and also for all other types of hunting whether hunting deer or squirrels. It is also a great ghillie suit for wildlife photography. This ghillie suit is made out of 100 percent polyester and is lightweight.

You will remain comfortable at all times wearing this suit. The suit is also very easy to dry and is a great option for paintball, outdoor games as well as hunting. The jacket features a unique zipper design making it very easy to put on and take off. The trousers feature an elastic waist and drawstring for easy removal. Also, the hat contains a nylon rope for easy access to put on and take off.

The fact that the RUNPO is very lightweight, breathable and comfortable makes this one of our top picks for the best ghillie suit for turkey hunting in the marketplace. Lastly, it can be used for multiple purposes from bird watching, wildlife photography, paintball, hunting among many other activities. This particular ghille suit can accommodate just about all heights from 4′ 9″ all the way to 6′ 2″. The RUNPO comes with a 3D, hooded leafy jacket and trousers. RUNPO also has outstanding customer service.

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Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit

This is probably our favorite ghillie suit for turkey hunting. Obviously, you can also use it for paintball competitions and other outdoor activities. That being said, you will definitely blend into your outdoor elements wearing this suit. The Acrturus suit features over 1,000 3D leafs and weighs less than 2 pounds. This highly comfortable, lightweight and breathable ghillie suit has been one of the top sellers online for some time now.

People all over the world are seeking quality and want to ensure they go undetected when they hunt. The Arcturus suit is also perfect for use in all climates. It can be used to be layered over heavy as well as light apparel depending on the season you are using it in. The great thing about this suit is that the 3D leaves will not snag or get caught on branches, brushes or twigs while you are outdoors. Who has time for that right? We know we don’t.

Additional Benefits

  • Features over 1000 3D laser cut leaves
  • Will not catch on stickers, tree branches or bushes
  • Features detailed, die-cut leaves which provide the utmost in concealment
  • Comes with a two-piece jacket, trousers and carrying bag
  • The Arcturus also is highly portable, can be used in all different climates and can be layered if need be
  • Comes in two sizes M/L perfect for people from 5’6″ to 6’0″ and XL/XXL for people who range in height from 6 foot and over.

Learn More About the Arcturus Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Ghillie Suit Price

Ghillie suits can range in price from about $20 USD to well over $200 USD depending on the type you are looking for. Obviously, some ghillie suits will come with more accessories so it all depends on what your overall goals are with your hunting. Ghille suits can be used for multiple reasons from wildlife photography, hunting, paintball, halloween costumes and much more. The best way to get the best ghillie suit price is simply to shop around.

You want to ensure you invest in a ghillie suit that is both breathable and comfortable. Also, one that is not going to make much noise when you are out in the outdoors. Ghillie suits also come in different styles. There are camo, wooded and even white, winter ghille suits that will help the user to blend into their terrain. Obviously, a wooded ghillie suit is not going to do as much good in the snow as a white ghillie suit. So, it all depends on your overall goals and the terrain you will be working in.

Do Ghillie Suits work for Hunting?

Yes, they work for hunting and numerous other purposes. Furthermore, they are legal to wear and are perfect for ground hunting such as for turkey or predator hunting. That being said, we would recommend checking with your local regulations to ensure you know of all considerations before choosing to use a ghillie suit while you are hunting.

Closing Thoughts

So, we have covered a few of our top picks for the best ghillie suit for turkey hunting. The best thing to do is find out what suit works best for your own needs. Is it suitable for your height and weight? Does it contain 3D leafs that will not get caught on tree branches and keep you from being as stealth as you want to be while you are hunting game? Is it too bulky? So, you want to ensure you get a ghillie suit that is not only affordable but also one that will keep you effectively concealed. We hope this post has been helpful.

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