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Ghillie Suit Gun Wrap Tips for Success

November 28, 2020

By Nate


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Whether you are a sniper, CS game player, or a hunter, if you don’t have the correct ghillie suit, you may lose your target. But is the ghillie suit alone enough to achieve your target? It depends, but in most cases, the ghillie suit is not enough; you need other accessories as well. 

Imagine you are fully covered in the ghillie suit, but still, your position is revealed by your uncovered rifle. It happens if you leave your gun exposed. Ghillie suit gun wraps are necessary if you want a successful hunt. 

Make sure that you use the same pattern for your ghillie suit and tie gun wrap; otherwise, it may look odd and makes you more prominent.

A ghillie suit gun wrap is not only for hunters, but it can also be used for games, such as paintball or airsoft. It increases the joy of gaming for the players.

Why is the Ghillie Suit Used?

Ghillie suits were first officially worn by the Lovat Scouts during the Second Boer War. It is the camouflage clothing that imitates the surroundings and makes the wearer difficult to be found. Ghillie suits are made of burlap, netting, and military uniform. To customize it, you can dye the dress and can also add leaves and twigs to give it a natural look. 

Ghillie suits are worn by snipers, hunters, wildlife photographers and are nowadays the most favorite costume of boys at themed parties. It breaks the outline of the wearer and conceals him so that his enemy or target could not find him easily.

An ideal ghillie suit is the one that perfectly camouflages the wearer. If it fails to do so, it means it is not the best choice.

How to Make the Ghillie Suit Gun Wrap?

A ghillie suit gun wrap is easy to make, but it is a time taking process. All you need is burlap strands and a large enough netting in which you can wrap your rifle.

The netting should be of high quality; otherwise, it will not last long. Although you don’t need the gun wrap all the time, you should not compromise on the quality.

Follow these steps to make the gun wrap by yourself.

  • Cut the burlap strands into equal length strands, and they shouldn’t be too long. 
  • Then take around ten strands (not a fixed figure); you can take as many or few as you want. But ten strands are more suitable as they give weight to your gun wrap and provide complete concealment. 
  • Now, tie each group of strands to the netting at some distance, and do not leave much space in between them.
  • Repeat the same step of tying the strands until the netting is covered by burlap strands on each side. 
  • The gun wrap is ready, but before wrapping the rifle, dye it according to the place where you will use it.
  • If you want to add more details, you can also attach some leaves to it.

By following the above steps, you can easily make your ghillie suit gun wrap on your own. Sometimes, it is difficult to buy a ghillie suit for your rifle because of its size or any other reason, so you can make your own gun wrap in that case.

What are the Benefits of Ghillie Suit Gun Wrap?

Imagine you are ready to hit your target after waiting for hours, and just before shooting, you miss your target because the hunt saw your uncovered rifle. Is there anything more painful than this? You missed your hunt just because of your negligence that you forgot to cover your rifle. 

Let’s see some of the benefits of why you should cover your rifle in ghillie suit gun wrap.

Absolute Concealment

You have bought the best ghillie suit that will cover you from head to toe and blends perfectly well with the surrounding. Moreover, you also purchased the ghillie hat and face mask so that your eyes are left uncovered only.

These things are not enough because you can miss your target if your rifle is not covered. So, for better concealment, you need a ghille suit gun wrap. The gun wrap entirely covers your rifle and makes it a part of the surroundings, so it is difficult for the prey to recognize you even if you are very near to it.

When you cover your rifle with the gun warp, only the front part of the muzzle and the lens of the scope are uncovered. Other than that, the gun warp offers complete concealment that will surely make your hunt successful.

Moreover, most of the rifle barrels and scope are made of stainless steel that is ideal for their non-corrosive nature, but the disadvantage of stainless steel is it reflects light. Your hunt can identify you by the reflection from your rifle. So, it is necessary to wrap your rifle with a proper gun warp.

More Practical

If you are on the battlefield or for the hunt, you have to take care of the minor things as well so that you don’t leave any chance for the enemy. 

Covering the rifle is also important. You can’t take it with you uncovered. There are different options available to hide your rifle. Some people spray paint on their rifles with the color of their surroundings, whereas some apply camo tapes or wrap them in camo or ghillie wraps.

The ghillie wraps are more practical as it will be the same as your ghillie suit so, no one can differentiate. 

Vinyl wraps are also available that make the rifle waterproof, and a thick covering of adhesive vinyl wrap increases the life of the rifle and also protects it from oxidation.

The ghillie suit gun wrap is one of the most preferred gun wraps by hunters. You don’t need the gun wrap if you are a wildlife photographer.


Above all these advantages, it is easy to use. Unlike the vinyl wraps that take a few hours to install or the spray paint that takes time to dry, the ghillie suit gun wrap only takes a few minutes to wrap your rifle, and you are ready for hunting. No extra effort is required. You can take it off by just unwrapping and nothing at all. So, a ghillie suit gun wrap is the best and quick way to hide your rifle. It will be helpful in missions.

How to Buy a Ghillie Suit Gun Wrap?

Buying a proper ghillie suit gun wrap is not difficult. You can easily buy one if you know how to select the best product. You need to consider a few important factors that can help you pick the right product. Let’s discuss those factors in detail.


The first thing is the quality of the gun wrap. You need to make sure that the threads will not fall out. If threads start to fall, the gun wrap will not be able to conceal your gun properly. Mostly, synthetic materials are used. Synthetic material is better than the natural one because it can last long. 

If you want to ensure that the thread will not fall out, you can use a little force for that. But this is not possible if you are buying online, and in that case, you need to see the reviews.


Size is the next important thing. You need to make sure that the gun wrap will properly cover the rifle. For a better idea, you can check the dimensions of the gun wrap. 

In most cases, the gun wraps are adjustable, so they can easily be used on different guns, but it is important to check the length and other dimensions.


The color of the gun wrap is also an important thing to consider. You cannot pick any color. It should match with the surroundings and the ghillie suit you are wearing. 

The best way to get a matching ghillie suit gun wrap is by purchasing a complete ghillie suit with accessories. It will include the gun wrap, so you will not have to purchase it separately. But if you have already bought a ghillie suit, you need to choose the gun wrap carefully.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed all the information regarding gun wrap. We have discussed its importance. Now, you know why you need a ghillie suit gun warp and neglecting it could be a mistake.

For your ease, we have discussed how you can make a ghillie suit gun wrap at home. It is easy, and you can make the gun wrap of your liking. But if you are not interested in investing your time for it, we have shared how you can buy the best gun wrap.

Moreover, you should keep it in your mind that after concealing your rifle and yourself properly, you still need to be attentive. You need to sit back calmly so that your target cannot notice you. A little movement or sound from your side may get you in trouble. We have tried to explain everything in detail, and we hope you will find this article helpful

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