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Ghillie Suit Kid Size: Ghille Suits for Kids

November 16, 2020

By Nate


Are you seeking more information about the best ghillie suit kid size for your loved ones? If so, check out this post. We’re glad you have arrived here to

Kids have thousands of moments to make beautiful memories. In this regard, parents usually think of arranging different unique events for them. It may be a birthday party, Halloween party, camping, or different get-togethers. Sometimes themed gatherings are arranged to bring smiles to their faces. 

Parents also buy different kinds of best gifts that they can afford for their children. A ghillie suit is one of those things that can make your child happy. 

Now, the question arises, “Is ghillie suit kid-size available?” Yes, of course. The ghillie suit kid-size is also available in the market. One can easily get a suitable ghillie suit for his/her child. People usually consider ghillie as a special product only for serious missions, but it can also be used by children to have funny moments in their life. If you want to make your child’s day special, ghillie suit kid size is the best option. It can be used for camping, hunting, and themed parties. 

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

This question comes into everybody’s mind before purchasing a ghillie suit. Whether they are buying a ghillie suit from themselves or for their child, this must be considered first. 

We all know that the best product is the one that has all the good qualities in it and that can be proved a good selection for anyone. The word “BEST” demands superior qualities. Likewise, the ghillie suit would be the best if it has all the good features. Before buying a ghillie suit, there are some things to be judged. In this article, we will discuss all of them with a brief description.

Fabric Quality

First of all, the quality of a ghillie suit must be checked. A ghillie suit of high quality would be best for your child. You should surely check the fabric level, whether it is comfortable or not. The buyer should check the whole piece first by fluffing the outfit to check the thread fallout. Moreover, if you check the ghillie suit quality-wise, it will not cause any difficulty during its use. So, it is necessary to check the quality first.

Color Scheme

Secondly, you should select the color scheme according to the costume’s use. For example, if your child is going hunting or camping in a forest, then you must choose a woodland ghillie suit. You need to pick the color according to the surroundings because this color will hide your child in the green bushes. That’s why a proper color selection, according to the theme, is very important while looking for the best ghillie suit.


The next thing is that everyone should have the proper accessories. Usually, all the ghillie suits in the market come with a proper package for high concealment. These are a jacket, pants, matching hood, gun wrap, knee pads, and stuff bag. These things are necessary to have full coverage because a person with a green covering on only his body leaving his head and gun will become easily detectable. So, you should select the ghillie suit with all these necessary items.

By keeping all these types of factors in mind, one can easily select a good ghillie suit for their child. 

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

Ghillie suits of different qualities and prices can be seen in the market. Many times, the price is fixed according to the quality of the product. But sometimes, it can also be seen that the price of the product never matches its quality.

The ghillie suit of the highly commendable qualities can demand high rates between $100 to $150. This price is not suitable for everyone because it is too high. A normal ghillie suit with all the appreciated qualities can range below $100. This is a medium price and can be afforded. In the end, there are also many cheap ghillie suits that are easily accessible to anyone. These ghillie suits can cost around $40 to $50. But remember that these suits don’t have any guarantee of good quality. It can be a risk to buy a product.

So, one should spend money on a good and appreciative product. This one-time product can be used many times, again and again. It would be better to spend your time and money once for long-term use rather than spending a small amount of money again and again on the same thing. 

Where Can Children Use Ghillie Suits?

There are many occasions for children to wear this camouflage. Children have more events to enjoy this uniqueness instead of elders and youth. A ghillie suit kid-size can be a different and shocking costume for your child in many places. Let’s discuss some of them one by one.

As Halloween Costume

Halloween parties demand unique and distinctive outfits. In this regard, people wear many kinds of different dresses for Halloween. Children always want something quirky and special to wear for the event. Black and white dresses with painted faces are so common now. If your child loves to explore unique things, then ghillie suit kid size is the best option. He can be a different and catchy person in the whole Halloween party after wearing a ghillie suit.

For Hide and Seek

We all are well informed about this game. In this game, some people hide, and one person tries to find them as fast as he can. The person who hides has to take care of himself without being noticed.

Nowadays, this game is very popular with children at a difficult level. Now, children arrange different kinds of camouflages to cover them. A ghillie suit is also one of them. Most commonly, a green ghillie suit is well used by children to hide in bushes and grass. They become invisible while sitting in the bushes, so it is difficult to detect them.

This camouflage takes the children’s fun to the next level. Again, this suit can make your child satisfied and happy.

For Tree Housing

Building a treehouse is also a well-known fashion. Children love to enjoy the adventure. Parents also spend quality time with their children in a treehouse. This type of enjoyable time that children spend with their parents leaves strong marks on their minds for the rest of their life. 

Wearing a ghillie suit while building and enjoying a treehouse makes your child extra happy. He can feel the experience of being a part of the surrounding. Clicking beautiful pictures of your children with unique costumes can fill your life with beautiful and emotional memories. 

For Outdoor Campings

Outdoor camping is a good option to relate your child with the natural beauty of the world. You can make it more adventurous with a ghillie suit. Some people buy ghillies suits to enjoy camping in the forest. It is also good for scouts.


Some states allow children to hunt. But there are some rules and regulations, such as hunter safety certificates. Hunting can be more adventurous if your child has a ghillie suit. The suit helps you hide in the surrounding, so it is not easy for the prey to detect the hunter. It can help you in making the hunt successful. The special ghillie suits for hunting are perfect for children. They can enjoy their hunt to the fullest.


It is difficult to get close to birds and animals. If your child wants to be a photographer and loves to take photographs of the wild, then an appropriate ghillie suit can be helpful. Professional photographers use ghillie suits while taking pictures. The animals do get frightened because the suit helps you cover yourself in the surrounding. Your child can click awesome pictures with the help of a ghillie suit.

What Size Ghillie Suit Should I Get?

Well, as far as the size is concerned, one should definitely take the ghillie suit according to his/her own size. It would be very best for them to have a good experience. Otherwise, the ghillie suit will irritate you during our mission. A large ghillie suit will cause difficulty in the movement.

For your ease, the normal size of a ghillie suit kid-size comes with waist size: 29″ – 33″ and chest size: 30″ – 35″. This size normally fits a child of 11-15 years old. 

Moreover, different brands have different sizes. You can easily get the kid-size by demanding a costume for your child. 

Closing Thoughts

Everyone wants to make his/her child happy. Children of the present era prefer uniqueness. That’s why their demands of having something unique and admirable is increasing day by day. In this situation, a ghillie suit kid size is becoming a popular and commonly picked option by parents. We have explained everything about the ghillie suit kid size.

In addition, you can also pick up the idea for your child to use a ghillie suit for different purposes. After reading this, you will surely be able to select an affordable and good product because all the good qualities of ghillie suits with price range are discussed in the above sections. We hope this article will be very helpful for buying the best ghillie suit and making cozy memories with your children and their childhood. 

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