Ghillie Suit Kopen Tips and Strategies for 2021

ghillie suit kopen

Purchasing a ghillie suit (ghillie suit kopen) is a difficult process as that of making it by yourself. You have to consider a lot of things before making the final decision. 

Ghillie suits are ideal for the snipers and the hunters as they provide them concealment and have been worn for so long. 

To buy a ghillie suit (ghillie suit kopen), you must consider the following things.

First of all, you need to consider how much concealment you need and how you can achieve it. The main purpose of wearing a ghillie suit is to hide you in the surrounding. So, you want to remain concealed the best as you can. Furthermore, the right type of ghillie suit that breaks your body outline will ensure that you are.

Next is the effective camouflage that not only covers you but also conceals your accessories. The gun wrap that effectively hides your rifle and does not reveal its shape is also necessary.

The next thing to consider is the style of the ghillie suit. Ghillie suits are available as a jacket and pants suit with or without hood. Also, the second one is a poncho ghillie suit. Now, you have to look for the one that suits your terrain and activity. 

Usually, a poncho ghillie suit is not recommended for hunting as it interferes with the movement. They are ideal for the snipers who do not have to make much movement.

After this, you need to consider how your ghillie suit is constructed. If your ghillie suit is loosely stitched then it would not fulfill the concealment purpose. 

Is Ghillie Suit Good for Deer Hunting?

Hunters need to be extra cautious while hunting deer because when you get the right sight of your target you can lose it. The reasons could be many. Why? Well, one of the reasons is that they noticed you because you were not properly covered. In addition, they may have heard your movement as well

There is nothing more upsetting for the hunter who lost his target at the last moment. You can overcome this mistake in the next hunting by purchasing the ghillie suit that covers you from head to toe.

We must know that deer have a keen sense of smell and have a wider visual angle. They do not have a good sense of color identification. Deer see yellow and orange colors in the shades of grey. So, a slight movement of yours can alert them about your presence.

So, a ghillie suit is ideal for wearing in hunting. Furthermore, it protects you from the harsh weather. Lastly, it provides concealment so that you can have a safe hunt even at a shorter distance.

Are Ghillie Suits Legal?

The government of any state establishes rules to avoid ethical and moral violations and makes the state a safer place to carry out daily activities.

Ghillie suit is a camouflage clothing used in the past only by the snipers and hunters to conceal themselves. Also, to ambush their prey or enemies without getting noticed. We have noticed an increase in the number of people who are now wearing ghillie suits. Children wear ghillie suits at the themed parties at their schools. Also, kids as well as adults wear ghillie suits to play paintball and airsoft.

We all know that there is always a small number of people who use certain things in the wrong way. This is what happened to the ghillie suit. A case was reported in which a schoolgirl was assaulted by a man. How? He used a ghillie suit to conceal himself. This incident happened in Australia. A similar incident happened in another state where two schoolgirls were assaulted by a man who was also wearing a ghillie suit to disguise himself. 

These suits are certainly not to be used for such activities at any time, whatsoever.

So, it’s better to confirm the rules and regulations in the area where you live before purchasing a ghillie suit (ghillie suit kopen).

What Are Ghillie Suits Made Of?

Ghillie suits are a clothing article used to break the outline of the wearer’s body and make him unidentifiable in the terrain. Usually, a ghillie suit is made of burlap, twine, or jute tied over an old military uniform. 

Typically, a ghillie suit is an ordinary-looking dress that resembles the heavy foliage. Furthermore, Ghillie suits are made on a military uniform with a netting sewn over it and jute or burlap tied to make it bulky. So, if you want a more realistic look attach some threads, fabric patches, or some foliage from the surroundings.

There are some snipers prefer making their ghillie suit by themselves rather than purchasing from a store. Making a ghillie suit is a time-consuming and tiring process. That being said, it takes days to get the final product.

Comfort and Concealment

An ideal ghillie suit moves with the wind and does not give a minor hint to the enemies of its presence. It happens that someone is wearing a ghillie suit that gives him excellent coverage, and even if his enemy is standing next to him, he couldn’t find him. And that is the actual purpose of ghillie suits. 

The ghillie suit is made mainly of polyester fabric that makes it lightweight and breathable and allows the wearer to stand in the sun for a long time. The polyester fabric is water-resistant and helps to keep the person safe from rain or snow. Other than that, the synthetic threads increase the coverage of the ghillie suits.

Some ghillie suits have 3D leaves that are the perfect imitation of the forest and are snag-free, so the owner can wear them for a long time. 

If the ghillie suit is made of burlap that catches fire easily, such ghillie suits are covered with fire-resistant material to avoid any misfortune and are also advised to apply the fire-resistant spray after every wash.

Sometimes some other fabric is also used that increases the effectiveness of the ghillie suit. 

How Much Does Ghillie Suit Cost?

If you are someone who is buying the ghillie suit (ghillie suit Kopen) for the first time, then you might be anxious about the price of the ghillie suit because some of them are quite expensive.

An average ghillie suit that provides better coverage and fulfills other requirements come in the range of $20 to $150. These ghillie suits come as a multiple piece article and the price varies according to the type.

But the price not only depends on the number of pieces available in a particular ghillie suit. 

One of the main factors is the fabric. The polyester fabric that is used is not so inexpensive, so the price changes according to the quality of the polyester used. Some ghillie suits have spandex, nylon, and ice silk other than polyester, so they also contribute to the higher rate.

The price of other materials used is also included. Ghillie suits take a few days to complete the labor and the services, so the cost is also included in the pricing. 

Did They Have Ghillie Suit in WW2?

When we look at the history of the ghillie suit from where it originated, we find out that it was initially a Gaelic term for a boy whose duty was to accompany people in hunting and fishing. 

Later on, we found that the Scottish ghillies, whose main task was to hide in the grass, were the game warden who protected the game of the landlords and used to kill the animal that attacked the game of their lord. They used to hide in the bushes, stay there for a long time without getting noticed, and look for the animal to come. When they see the animal in the game, they silently ambush them from the back; they usually don’t kill those animals and often take them to their landlord, so their master kills that animal in his court.

For the first time, the ghillie suit was used in the Second Boer War by the Scottish Army; later on, it became a part of US military forces. In between these, ghillie suits were also used by the Germans in the world war. As these ghillie suits provide better concealment and a better option to make one unidentifiable, most of the military wings to date are using ghillie suits for their exceptional coverage.

Closing Thoughts

Buying a ghillie suit (ghillie suit kopen) isn’t easy at all. You have to look for a lot of things, and not only the ghillie suit, but you also have to check the legal restrictions as well. 

We tried to give you all the information that you may need to look for before buying a ghillie suit (ghillie suit kopen). We hope you get the best ghillie suit and have a phenomenal ghillie suit experience.

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