Ghillie Suits for Kids: Top Picks for Children

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For those parents who are facing the dilemma about the ghillie suits for kids, it’s time to relax. We know very well that the ghillie suit can be very attractive for your child if he has seen someone wearing it, and you can face the problem of finding the perfect ghillie suits for kids. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you.

Now, you can have a relaxing breath because we will discuss the frequently asked questions about the kid’s ghillie suits in the article. Moreover, we will he;p you in selecting the right product.

A ghillie suit can be an excellent gift for your child, and he can surely demand something similar to that. There are ghillie suits for children available in the market to fulfill the children’s needs and requests. It provides a good covering for your child in many fields. Its uses are substantial and appreciative. 

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

All the products surely have at least three categories. Ghillie suits can also be categorized into three categories according to price, and we are going to discuss them in detail.

So, a ghillie suit can be seen in three different categories.


The most expensive ghillie suits with high-quality can cost around $100 – $150. Yes, it is common to see a product with this expensive amount. These suits fall in the 1st category as they are considered the best products and used throughout the world. No doubt, these suits are very expensive, but they offer the best experience to their user. A buyer can never be disappointed by purchasing a product of such a superior quality.


As it is not possible for everyone to buy heavy and expensive products, there are also some affordable products. This category has a price range of $50 – $60. It is considered an affordable price to deal with. It doesn’t mean that the quality also decreases with the price. You can see the minor differences, but overall, the products are very beneficial and protective. These products are also very useful and durable.  


The cheapest products can be in the range of $20 – $45. Yes, this price is suitable for you if you are going on a low budget. The quality of a low price ghillies suit is not comparable with the expensive one. There is a quality difference. But, the products with this amount can fulfill your need to hide and to make your child happy and attractive. It is better to have the product of this amount instead of disappointing your child. 

How Do Ghillie Suits Work?

A ghillie suit can be an outer covering for your children during hunting, bird viewing, paintball, airsoft, tree housing, and parties. 

It might look different and funny to a person who doesn’t know its use. But in reality, it is the product of many uses. Usually, youth use it for hunting and photography, but children do not have to do anything dangerous and risky in their childhood. So, why are these dresses created for children, especially?

Children can demand a ghillie suit to play hide and seek, paintball, and airsoft. Moreover, children are also considering it a good option for being different in a Halloween party. In some states, hunting is allowed for children with some restrictions, so they can also use a ghillie suit for that purpose.

A ghillie suit is easy to use and carry. Your child just needs to put it on as the normal dress. If he wants, he can go for some layers under this dress. After wearing it, your child will start looking like a bush or foliage. This property will help him out to keep himself hidden in any case. 

Are Ghillie Suits Legal?

Ghillie suits for kids are absolutely legal. Kids are innocent, and they only wear ghillie suits as a fashion or for hunting.

Kids can surely wear this camouflage for different purposes, as mentioned above. There are some restricted areas and rules for ghillie suits, but those are for the youth. Children can use it safely and happily. 

Best Ghillie Suits of Kids

For your concern, there are some ghillie suits with affordable prices and qualities. Let’s have an in-depth look at the products.

1.Arcturus Kids Ghost Ghillie Suits

It is one of the most commonly and happily used products of all time. The product has some exclusive and good properties to appreciate. 

The dress is designed deeply by keeping very small important points in mind. It is made up of synthetic material to avoid any discomfort. The use of synthetic material makes it lightweight, and it becomes easy to carry during any operation.

This ghillie suit has adjustable fitting with a drawstring in the waist belt and elastic cuffs; it can easily fit a child of any shape and size. This feature is also suitable for wearing anything under the ghillie suit.

It is a 4-piece ghillie suit with synthetic threads over it. The threads have the guarantee to remain stuck to the suit. You don’t have to face the problem of thread shedding.

The whole ghillie suit contains a camouflaged ghillie jacket with front buttons and matching attached hood, 3D concealing pants, a gun wrap, and a mesh carry bag.


  • 4-piece suit
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Portable

2.Arcturus Warrior Kids Ghillie Suit

If your child is going to experience airsoft or paintball for the very first time, then it could be the best option. The dress will make a great child army or sniper costume.

The whole suite has a dense covering of man-made synthetic and artificial colored threads over it. This suit is usually called the younger brother of top-rated Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit.

The makers thought to add two colors in the suit for the perfect blending of a person. This color scheme will give its user an appearance like a non-mobile object. 

The dress is highly adjustable and manageable. Its drawstrings in the waist belt allow it to be used by versatile size and shape. Moreover, the strings can be pulled according to the need to have proper comfortable adjustments. It also has elastic cuffs to fit your arm according to your choice.


  • 5-piece suit
  • Adjustable
  • Water-resistant


  • The headpiece becomes a little patchy sometimes.

3.PELLOR Ghillie Suits, 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit

It is a 2-piece suit for your child if he loves to wear a light color. Children get bored after wearing common costumes at Halloween. It is an ideal way to give your child a unique look.

The dress is easy to wear and lightweight. It has an attached hood with the jacket that makes it portable for your child. The jacket has a zipper in front of it, which is made up of good material. 

The zipper on the jacket and the adjustable strings for the hoodie make it helpful for various sizes. Your child can also wear any type of shirt under this jacket, or he can also go with the ghillie jacket only as it feels very smooth from the inner side.

The additional feature of this ghillie suit is that it has inner pockets to have the necessary stuff with you. Children love the inner pockets.

The suit is washable, and due to its lightweight, it can easily be dried after the wash. It has the leaf made up of fabric over it in a 3D pattern. It can be a good ghillie suit for hunting, paintball, airsoft, and Halloween. 


  • 2-piece suit
  • Washable
  • 3D concealment
  • Have inner pockets


  • Some people consider it a little thin.

4.Mil Spec Plus Kids Ghillie Suit – Black

This is another piece of ghillie suit for kids. Your kid can have the mirth of being invisible in the night time as this dress has black color. It is a highly dense and thick cover of black synthetic threads over it. 

The ghillie suit has water resistance property to resist water in any case. You can remain dry and safe from the moisture. Furthermore, it has another commendable feature of breathable mesh on the front area of the hood. This net opening can provide fresh and natural air to breathe. 

This suit is lightweight even with the huge amount of threads over it. The threads are masterly attached to the mesh and do not give you the irritation of fall out. 

The suit will be ideal for midnight campings and hunting. It will make you fully disappear in the darkness of night. 


  • Breathable
  • High coverage
  • Strongly attached threads


  • Only usable for night times.

Closing Thoughts

Parents try to keep their children happy. But sometimes, children demand something that parents do not understand about. In some cases, ghillie suits for kids make the same problem for parents. 

We decided to answer the most frequently asked question about the ghillie suits for kids. All the compulsory information about ghillie suits along with some most used products are mentioned in this article to help out the demanding child’s parents. All the merits and demerits of the products are discussed here. 

We hope this article would be the best to give you the necessary information about the ghillie suits for your kids. 

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