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How Many Burlap Sacks for a Ghillie Suit?

November 28, 2020

By Nate


Do you want to know how many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit?

Are you familiar with a ghillie suit? If yes, so do you know how many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit needed?

A ghillie suit is a well-known use of the present time. The disguise it provides allows a person to remain safe and confident against opposing forces. 

In this guide, we will try to discuss how many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit? This article will be very useful for those people who want to craft their own ghillie suit. 

Creative-minded persons usually try to make all their things on their own. The things required, procedure, and warnings will be fully discussed below. 

How Much Burlap Do I Need for a Ghillie Suit?

Hand made ghillie suits are often made up of burlap. The burlap can be taken from the market, and one can also extract the burlap strips from a burlap sack. 

A good and reasonable ghillie suit needs 7-8 pounds of burlap. Burlap helps a person to give his/her ghillie suit a dynamic outlook. It creates a 3D thready outer appearance of a ghillie suit to match the user exactly to the environment.

7-8 pounds of burlap is enough for a usable ghillie suit. A large number of burlap strings over a ghillie suit make it artificial and unnatural because the excess of everything is harmful. 

So, it is necessary for a person to pick a suitable amount of burlap for the designing of a ghillie suit. Burlap over the ghillie suit looks like the natural grass or leaves. Some people give it color by dying it before use. They usually dye it in a color that matches foliage and desserts. 

By doing this, the ghillie suit starts looking like foliage or muddy non-living creatures instead of looking like green leaves. But most of the time, people use a green ghillie suit to hide in forests, woodlands, and grass areas. 

Can You Buy a Ghillie Suit?

The ghillie suits are very easily available in the market to buy. So, for anyone who wants to purchase a ghillie suit, it is not a tough task because one can easily have a good and suitable suit from the market whenever he wants. 

If someone does not like the ready-made stuff, he can easily create his own suit. Creating a ghillie suit at home is not a difficult thing. People think that it is quite tough to create a suit at home because a suit always looks very critical to create. But in this article, we will share some steps with you that will make it easy for you to ready a suit at home. 

But before that, one should be acknowledged about some very important things about a ghillie suit. There are some questions that need to be confirmed about a ghillie suit.

Like, how many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit? What color should I select? What size should I make? And many more. 

What are Ghillie Suits Made Of?

It is an important question. Let us answer it before sharing the procedure. Things for the creation of a ghillie suit include burlap, twigs, net/mesh, glue, thread, needles, simple jacket and pants, plain hoodie, and some leaves and wooden sticks. 

But mainly, there are two concepts to share with you about a ghillie suit.

The first one is about the old time’s ghillie suits. In the past, there were not so many facilities available to the public. They were not aware of many useful things. Some most valuable things used by people nowadays were not discovered at that time. People of the past were very simple and creative. They used the same things for making many different articles. 

In the case of a ghillie suit, they used the natural tree fibers or burlap for making a ghillie suit. They used burlap to match the environment. In this case, they put the environment resembling things over them for being disguised. 

But in the present time, no doubt the burlap sacks, as well as strips, are widely used to make a natural ghillie suit. But in addition to this, the creators and users prefer the synthetic material to use for ghillie suit making. 

They add the properties of being resistant to mildews and water etc. Both natural and synthetic things are used by people nowadays, but a ghillie suit made up of synthetic material is mostly appreciated. 

How to Make a Ghillie Suit Easy?

Creating a ghillie suit at home is not a difficult task, but it is time-consuming. Making your own ghillie suit obviously demands time. But if someone really wants to make one, he/she should definitely try. 

For your convenience, we are going to share the whole process through different parts step by step. 

1. Judge your area of operation: 

Judging the area of operation is very necessary before creating a ghillie suit because no one can make a matching and effective ghillie suit without knowing how the area looks like. It is very rare that a ghillie suit without noticing the areas proved useful. Certainly, a person will be able to create a full matching ghillie suit if he knows the area where to use a ghillie suit.

So, it is important for a person to judge the environment and its factors perfectly, and after satisfaction, he should start making his ghillie suit at home. 

2. Take a plain shirt and pants:

For making a ghillie suit, it is necessary to have a smooth and comfortable base. The base will be a casual t-shirt and trousers. Always remember to select the most suitable size for your base. It would be comfortable and easy for a person to have a well-fitted ghillie suit over the body. 

Another option to select the base is, you can easily buy an old or new BDU’s t-shirt and pants of your own size from the military surplus store. 

Burlap Strips or Sacks

Using burlap for outer ornamentation is a good and easy option for homemade ghillie suits. Give the burlap a thread appearance by pulling the threads. Or cut it into many thin strips like a rope. Now the question arises: how many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit needed? 

One full and clean burlap sack would be very enough for making a good ghillie suit. Take a burlap sack and extract the burlap threads or ropes.

4. Dye the burlap:

Burlap usually comes in muddy and light brown mixed colors. If a person needs to disguise in the forests, he should give a green color to the burlap. After dying it, Spread it to dry as early as possible. Be sure not to use the wet burlap strips for designing a ghillie suit. Always dry it first, and then use it as you want. 

5. Take a mesh:

Take any net or mesh available at home. If there is no net at home, one can easily get a soft net from the market at a very low price. Now, the next thing to do is cut the net according to the size of the base. 

Attach the mesh or net over the shirt and pants by using shoe glue, or you can also go with a thread to attach the mesh to the base.

Attach Burlap to Mesh

Take the dried burlap strings and strips, and attach the burlap strips with the net by using any glue, or you can also attach it by making knots of burlap strips/ threads with every single square of the mesh.

Make sure to leave an even and equal distance between the threads/string. An uneven difference can give a patchy look to the ghillie suit. The patchy ghillie suit can become the cause of danger and disappointment. 

7. Attach some natural dry wooden sticks:

For the final and the natural look, one can stick some natural dried wooden sticks over the burlap strips to make it dynamic and natural. All the things over the ghillie suit will make it a 3d nonmobile object.

The forests and the woodlands have many wooden sticks here and there; therefore, a ghillie suit with this type of accessories over it looks natural.

If someone is creating a ghillie suit for a snowy area, he should use the white synthetic fibers made up of polyester instead of wooden sticks.

After following these steps, one can easily create a ghillie suit of his own choice and size. It would also be a cause of having a satisfactory level for him.

Closing Thoughts

How many burlap sacks for a ghillie suit?” is a very common question. It is sure that if a person wants to know the exact amount of burlap sacks for a ghillie suit, he would be thinking of creating his own suit. Here in this article, the best and easy procedure to create an effective ghillie suit is discussed.

By following this procedure, you will be able to have a suitable ghillie suit for your safety and protection. We have tried our best to inform you about how many burlap sacks for a suit are needed. 

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