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How Much Do Ghillie Suits Cost in 2022?

November 26, 2020

By Nate


How much do ghillie suits cost is an often asked question we get here at GhilleSuits. This post we cover some of the details.

Price is a factor that often stops us from purchasing many things. It is one of the aspects that we look for after looking at the appealing image. 

Ghillie suits are also among such things for which people are concerned. People who want to buy a ghillie suit need to know about its price. We repeatedly listen to people asking, “How much do ghillie suits cost?”

Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to the question. The price of ghillie suits depends on various factors that help to decide its final price. We cannot answer a single price; however, we can discuss the factors on which the price depends. We will also share a price range for your ease.

Ghillie suits look ordinary on the outside, and some of you might think that there isn’t anything special in them, so why do they cost so much?

We will clear your doubts and answer your questions in this article. 

What Is the Best Ghillie Suit To Buy?

Finding the best ghillie suit out of many is a real struggle. We see that there are a large number of ghillie suits available with different accessories and features. How much do ghillie suits cost is a long debate, and it depends on the fabric used and the other factors as well. 

So, to buy the best out of them is quite risky. Let’s discuss some important factors that you need to consider while buying a ghillie suit.

Match the terrain– Your ghillie suit should be the one that matches the terrain where you will get your hunt. If your ghillie suit does not match with surrounding, no matter how comfortable it is and how many attributes/features it has, there would be no benefit. You can only hide properly if the ghillie suit is according to the terrain.

Fabric– Ghillie suits are worn by snipers and hunters. So, it must be made of such fabric that is lightweight and breathable. Most of the ghillie suits are made of polyester that is lightweight and makes it easy to breathe.

Brand– The most recommended ghillie suits by the hunters and snipers are those by reliable brands because they take care of all the necessities that a ghillie suit must-have. Moreover, they also included all accessories.


Those who search for how much do ghillie suits cost must look for an affordable ghillie suit. Although the expensive ghillie suits have all the qualities that an ideal ghillie suit must have, you can still find reasonable ghillie suits as well.

The normal price range of a ghillie suit is $20-$150. The suits below $40 are of low-quality. You can find a reasonable ghillie suit in the range of $40-$100. The expensive ghillie suits have more features, and they are for professional use. They cost over $150.

Reviews– If you are an inexperienced hunter, then you must look for reviews before purchasing a ghillie suit. It is much better to ask an experienced hunter or sniper. Otherwise, it may cause problems for you when you use it. 

Are Ghillie Suits Effective?

Ghillie suits are one of the clothing articles which was not made just to cover the human body but was made to imitate the surroundings. You may think for a while that what’s the difference between normal camouflage and a ghillie suit. There is a huge difference in all aspects. 

You might think that both are used to hide the wear, but it is not true. The primary concern of the suit is to imitate the surrounding.

The ghillie suits are different from normal camouflage clothing as well. Ghillie suits are made of straps of jute, and sometimes leaves or branches are also attached to them, and these things cannot be seen in the normal camouflage suits.

Effectiveness of a Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suits are perfect clothing for the hunters and snipers and also for the airsoft and paintball players who wear camouflage. A ghillie suit is made of polyester fabric, which is water-resistant and protects the wearer from the rain to some extent.

Some of the ghillie suits are waterproof that keeps the wearer completely safe from absorbing water.

Some commercially available ghillie suits have 3D leaves attached that imitate the surrounding leaves, and it gets hard to find the one who wears such a ghillie suit in the surroundings.

The synthetic thread on some ghillie suits imitates the surrounding bushes that even the keen predators or attentive enemies could not find out the wearer and pass by without noticing his presence.

The ghillie suits also help to keep us warm during the freezing temperatures by providing enough insulation from the cold.


The facemask that comes with the ghillie suit not only hides the face of the wearer makes him completely invisible but also protects against insect bites.

The main idea of using a ghillie suit at hunting or sniping came from the Scottish shepherds who used to put a layer of surrounding foliage over themselves, hiding in the bushes to ambush the predators attacking their flock.

Later on, this idea was adopted by the military officials in the war, and to date, we see that the snipers use ghillie suits on the battlefield, and they need to wear them.

As far as the effectiveness of the ghillie suit is concerned, no one could deny its effectiveness. Even after observing it for years, the hunters consider it safe and effective to get a successful hunt.

Not only that, but it is also used in airsoft and paintball, where the player has to hide from the opponents to kill the target.

What Is A Sniper Ghillie Suit?

Sniper ghillie suits aren’t something extraordinary, but sometimes they are made customized having some additional protection facilities. Otherwise, the majority of ghillie suits that are available across the stores are the same for the hunters and snipers. 

Snipers are the trained officials of military wings of any country whose job is to shoot their enemies. They are trained to shoot at both nearby and far distances. 

Even in the movies, we see that these snipers do not go into the battlefield in their regular outfits. They all wear a different costume that isn’t worn in carrying out other activities.

A sniper ghillie suit is made to imitate the surrounding. If they are going in a snow area, a white ghillie suit works for them. If they need to go to the forest, the woodland ghillie suit is ideal.

Sniper ghillie suit is usually provided with some extra features, and that’s why they are a bit more expensive than the regular ghillie suit. 

Price Range

So, if someone asks how much do ghillie suits cost that is used by snipers, it depends on several factors. But yes, it may cost more than $200. 

The sniper ghillie suits are sometimes the same as the other ghillie suits. But they add some more foliage depending on the surrounding. They make their ghillie suits that fully resemble the surrounding.

The US army sniper unit tested some new ghillie suits because they found the previous one thick, heavy, and not well ventilated. Although they were using the Fire Resistant Ghillie System, they were not satisfied with the quality. So, they made new ghillie suits that they called Improved Ghillie System. 

A sniper ghillie suit, unlike the traditional ghillie suit, does not have much foliage in the front, as they have to crawl through the bushes. So, they don’t need foliage in front. They are more comfortable and do not make noise while moving.

Can You Wash a Ghillie Suit?

Ghillie suits are stinky and dirty clothing articles, and it is the only clothing that is not recommended to wash often. The dirtier and muddier it is, the better imitation of the surrounding it provides.

But on returning from the hunting trip, you may feel the need to wash your ghillie suit. There are two ways to wash your ghillie suit.


Wash it in the washing machine and then air dry. It is the easiest way, especially when you have multiple pieces of a ghillie suit. So, it’s easy to wash them in the machine separately and then dry. But this method is not recommended by many manufacturers. They usually make it clear in the instructions not to wash in the machine. 

There are some reasons for not allowing the machine to wash. 

As we know, they are made of artificial foliage, so there are more chances of shredding of these leaves in a machine wash. 

Machine washing makes the clothing perfectly clean. It may not affect the snipers or those who use ghillie suits for playing games or at themed parties. But for the hunter, it is something that will destroy the next trip because animals have a sharp sense of smell, and they can smell the fresh odor of clothes, so the hunters should avoid washing it in the machine.


A wet ghillie suit becomes multiple folds heavier, and it’s impossible to handle it, but it is preferable that if you need to wash your ghillie suit, wash it by hand. 

While washing it by hand, do not use bleaching agents. But if you want to remove the dirt and make it clean, wash it with cold water, and it would be enough.

Closing Thoughts

Wrapping up the discussion about how much do ghillie suits cost, we say that it depends on many factors. We have discussed all factors in detail. For your ease, we have also mentioned the price range of different qualities of ghillie suits. We hope this article will be helpful for you while purchasing a ghillie suit.

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