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How Much is a Ghillie Suit and why Invest in One?

November 28, 2020

By Nate


How much is a ghillie suit is a question we often get asked here at GhilleSuits. We hope this post will assist you in knowing more.

After taking the decision of buying a ghillie suit, the next thing to be considered is how much is a ghillie suit?

It is important for a person to know the price of the product before selecting it. The Ghillie suit undoubtedly became popular because it does not only act as a colored uniform, but it actually makes a person like a real bush or woodland background. The really cool thing about the ghillie suit is that it is available in many colors to match the required surroundings. 

 A ghillie suit is commonly used by paintball players, wildlife photographers, bird viewing lovers, and hunters. Moreover, it is also respectfully used for military operations by military men and snipers. 

 Before selecting a ghillie suit, everyone should fully understand the following features. If everything meets your standards, you should not delay buying the product. But before we discuss the features, let’s have a look at “how much does a ghillie suit cost”?

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

 As we all know very well that all the products have the price according to the quality, the brand name also affects the product’s price. There are hundreds of different brands and companies of ghillie suits. You can see all products in the market.

It is difficult to write the price of every and single product available in the markets. That’s why we will discuss the costs of three different categories.

High Price:

Top rated and number one products are the most expensive ones. You need to have almost $100 – $150 for the very high quality if you want. No doubt, the quality and durability of such products exactly match its price. If a seller or brand charges you a high price, he will surely give you something of high quality. 

Never assume that the thing taken from the famous and old place is not sustainable. If you spend some handsome amount on anything, then you will surely get the best reward. Your one time spent can be useful for a long time, and you will feel the product new and fresh every time you touch it. These are some good qualities of a high rated product. Now, let’s move to the next one. 

Medium Price:

The products that are available for $50 – $60 are considered medium-priced products. These products are also very appreciative and good as they also demand a good amount. But the amount is less than the above-mentioned category. With minor differences, these products are also very beneficial for a man to break his outlook in the woodland. The products with this amount are easily available in the market. You can easily select the one if you want.

Cheap Products:

The next category has products at low prices. These products are easily accessible to everyone by just spending $20 – $45. Many people use such products to have the very first experience of a ghillie suit. If they find a ghillie suit useful, they spend some more amount to have better products as compared to the earlier one. 

These products also have qualities to hide you and make you invisible in the opponent’s eye.

So, here we have discussed the three main prices to help you out about “How much is a ghillie suit?” We will also discuss some factors that have straight effects on a ghillie suit’s price.

What is the Best Ghillie Suit?

The most demanded question to be answered is “What is the best ghillie suit to buy”?

The question looks very small and short, but its answer is lengthy. As there are a lot of factors that affect the products and their quality, there are a lot of points to keep in mind if you really want to buy a good ghillie suit to make your occasion safe.  

Let’s have a look at some factors and key points that can make your ghillie suit best.


The color of the ghillie suit decides whether a person can be visible in the fields or not. It is a very important point to think about. Obviously, a person will use a green ghillie suit in the forest to hide in bushes and grass. And surely, a man going to some snowy white and dangerous area will select the white ghillie suit for him.

By keeping this thought that ghillie suits are for making a proper blending of a person in all the environment, different colors are selected and given to ghillie suits. 

A first-time buyer of a ghillie suit should keep in mind that the place where he is going to use this dress is the same as the dress color or not. If he gets the right color pattern, he will surely be amused through that ghillie suit.


If a company has made a good quality suit with strongly attached threads over it, then it will certainly charge you high because it is not easy to attach an enormous amount of threads to a mesh. Sometimes, workers just want to get rid of such a struggle, and they create a suit with improperly attached threads. In that case, how will you know if this dress is properly created or not? The best way to check the thread fall out is to fluff the suit forcefully. If the threads fall down, then you will come to know about the quality of the threads. It creates many problems even after the first use, and you may need to face disappointment when you see your suit patchy.

Fabric Quality

Fabric quality has a strong effect on, “How much is a ghillie suit?” Excellent quality ghillie suits made up of good fabric will be very expensive. But you need to check out the quality of the ghillie suit’s fabric also. You can easily find a ghillie suit with good fabric at an affordable price. It all depends upon your effort. If you struggle to judge the factors first, you will be relaxed after buying it.  

Are Ghillie Suits Waterproof?

We cannot surely tell you how many waterproof suits are available in the market now. But we are sure to tell you that some suits are not waterproof and some come with this quality.

This is also a factor that can affect the price of a ghillie suit—making a product water-resistant required extra effort and ideas. Waterproof ghillie suits are made up of polyester synthetic material. That’s why it affects the price very strongly. 

But in short, yes, some ghillie suits with high prices are waterproof. This water repellent property makes a ghillie suit dry and safe for a person even in a wet atmosphere. 

It provides many benefits. You can easily carry on your mission if suddenly rain starts. Furthermore, you can continue your movement while passing through wet and muddy ground. In winters, this properly makes the men very happy because they remain safe from the coldness of moisture. 

How Heavy is a Ghillie Suit?

The price of a ghillie suit depends upon this feature. 

What do you think which one will be the good option, a lightweight ghillie suit or a heavy one?

Absolutely, a lightweight ghillie suit will be best for a person to have on during hunting, photography, bird viewing, and paintball. 

Usually, a ghillie suit has a weight of 3 – 6 pounds. It is created to have less load on a person. It will not be possible for a person to perform his task comfortably with a heavy suit on his body. He will certainly get confused and irritated with such an uncomfortable product. Sometimes, the weight of the ghillie suits also increases while in contact with the water. The natural material over the suit soaks water and makes it heavy. In order to avoid this trouble, waterproof and lightweight suits are now being created by the companies. 

So, these were some major factors that affect the ghillie suit’s price very much. Due to their drastic effect on ghillie suit’s rates, these factors can be decision changing and key points for you while choosing a product. 

Closing Thoughts

“How much is a ghillie suit?” This question confuses people while making the decision to buy a camouflage. If someone is unfamiliar with any product, he needs to get basic information about it. In this article, we have tried our best to do the same. We have tried to make ourselves a helpful guide for you to fully answer the question, “How much is a ghillie suit?”

Various factors, including weight, size, shape, color, quality, and durability, affect the price of a ghillie suit. We have discussed some of the most important factors in this article and tried to convey to you the right way to choose the right product. 

How much is a ghillie suit?” is also discussed here with the price of ghillie suits according to their qualities. Anyone can have knowledge about the ghillie suits cost and price from this article. 

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