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Snow Camo Ghillie Suits Tips and Recommendations

November 14, 2020

By Nate


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Is it winter, and are you at your home? Are you not going out to have fun? 

There are many questions. Yes, it’s true sometimes winter closes people into their houses. The beautiful season usually passes out as a passing cloud without having any fun. It is totally unfair; everyone should enjoy the white beauty blessed by nature. We all should have fun in the chilled weather. 

For those who use to go out camping during winter on snowy days, snow camo ghillie suits are especially for them. They can hide and protect you from the freezing weather. You could enjoy winter camping and hunt using a snow camo ghillie suit. There are many advantages of winter ghillie suits. A person would feel different and merrymaking fun while wearing this camouflage. 

How Heavy is a Ghillie Suit?

Usually, a normal ghillie suit for the youth weighs around 2-6lbs. It can easily be handled by any person. The dress contains some extra add-ons over it, which makes it a little heavier than the casual ones. 

There are different ghillie suits for different purposes. All the camouflage outfits weigh according to their designings.

Ghillie Suit for Snowy Areas

A normal snow camo ghillie suit usually weighs around 2-5 pounds. It is a manageable and portable weight. A person can easily carry a ghillie suit of this weight over any outfit. 

Snow camo ghillie suits are exclusively designed with low weight because the wearer has to carry it over warm and heavy garments. This suit is used in snowy areas, so it is specially made up of synthetic material. Any natural white material which can be used over it to provide a 100% 3D look can make it too heavy while in contact with the snow. 

Obviously, an individual has to lay down over the snow if he is a hunter. In this case, the ghillie suits have extra adjustable pads at the chest area to avoid the chilled snow and pressure over the stomach. Furthermore, synthetic fibers make it waterproof.

Ghillie suits for icy frames have synthetic polyester fibers over it for adornment. The man-made polyester threads or strings don’t get heavier even in the moist environment. Furthermore, synthetic fibers make it waterproof.

Lightweight for Movement

White ghillie suits are created according to the moving techniques. The dress never contains the extra outer material that creates difficulty in the movements. The person who wears it uses it for some specific target and prey. For any kind of target, he/she has to be careful and attentive. The person also has to move gently and smoothly without leaving any marks. 

Therefore, the ghillie suit for winter is specially designed according to this thought. After wearing a light suit, a person can easily do slight and quick movements. 

Are Ghillie Suits Warm?

The snow camo ghillie suits are absolutely warm because these dresses are created to be used in cold areas. The dress provides shelter and protection in white snowy areas. It is specially designed with white synthetic materials, which provide it a white snowy look and warm comfort to the user. 

Ghillie Suit for Winter

Ghillie suits for winter are adjustable and manageable. They have the adjustment options to wear any type of garments under the suit. To avoid cool weather, people used to wear warm clothes under the suit and then adjust the suit according to their size and comfort. 

Some people think that a snow camo ghillie suit would be heavy because of the heat it provides. But actually, the suits available for winter are warm as well as lightweight. 

Ghillie Suit for Summer

Woodlands and deserts become extremely hot in the summer season. In this way, the temperature also increases to a high level. It becomes very annoying for the user to wear a heavy dress on dazzling hot days. For their convenience, the dresses are masterly sketched and designed for having a fresh mind and suffocated body. 

Adjustable Ghillie Suits

Some ghillie suits are adjustable and suitable for both summer and winter seasons. The person can wear any type of clothes under the suits. If it is summer, he will go with a light dress beneath the ghillie suit.

If it is winter, he will choose a warm or wool dress to wear under the ghillie suit.

Are Ghillie Suits Waterproof?

Particular attention is paid to making the ghillie suit waterproof. Especially snow camo ghillie suits are created waterproof because these dresses are mainly and particularly planned for snowy and wet areas. If it isn’t made with waterproof quality, it will soak up water or moisture and cause trouble to the users. 

After soaking water, a ghillie suit can become heavy and loaded. It can be proved as a hurdle in your way. Moreover, the wet ghillie suit can leave its heavy marks whenever you move anywhere. Sometimes a person needs quick and instant movement to avoid danger, but the wet ghillie suit can be fatal in this type of condition. 

A water-resistant ghillie suit can also be very helpful and beneficial in unexpected conditions of rain or snowfall. You can remain safe from wet irritation in the freezing weather by using a waterproof ghillie suit. 

5 Steps to Choose a Good Winter Ghillie Suit 

Snow camo ghillie suits are different from the ghillie suits of woodland and desserts. Due to the change of weather and surroundings, the way of being hidden also demands difference. A person should consider the following five steps before choosing a snow camo ghillie suit.

1) Understand the Use of Your Ghillie Suit

Firstly, you should understand the use of your ghillie suit. Consider the task first for which you are buying a ghillie suit. If you are a sniper, then you should pick the jacket and pants without having threads on the front side. If you are going out to play paintball or airsoft, then you should pick a ghillie suit of poncho style. It will make you easy to move and hide. Moreover, a fully thread covered ghillie suit would be very suitable for hunting and wildlife photography.

2) Suitable Color Pattern

You have to understand your theme of the targeted area. In the snowy area, one should select a white ghillie suit with black and brown threads in it. This color theme will completely act as a natural cloak and truly mingle you into the surroundings. With this color, you can easily hide in bushes and behind the rocks. 

3) Quality

It would be better for someone to spend money on a good product. Things are not easy to buy again and again. If you are buying something for the very first time, then you should consider the product’s quality as the first priority. No one can cooperate with a mediocre product for big missions or plans. You have to judge the fabric quality of a ghillie suit. Then the next thing is checking burlap or jute strips correctly. You need to make sure whether they are strongly attached to the mesh or not. In that case, you can also fluff the dress forcefully in order to examine the quality. Moreover, the waterproof property should be checked before selecting a ghillie suit.

4) Proper Accessories

For a serious buyer, it is better to buy a full camouflage. If you are a hunter or sniper, then it would be better for you to pick a complete package with the chest and knee pads along with a crawl cover. Moreover, a matching gun wrap and hood with proper tussles also come with many ghillie suits. All the accessories completely provide you full coverage and concealment. Absolutely, full coverage means more concealment, which means more safety. To blend your body along with your gun or camera into the environment, these wraps are very good. In addition, a stuff bag is also praiseworthy. Anyone can put his necessary things into the bag.

Weight and Size

You will not be comfortable after wearing a heavy ghillie suit. The same is the case if you have a very small or very large suit as compared to your size. So, while choosing a ghillie suit, one should be very careful about the size and weight of a ghillie suit. It matters a lot. No one can complete his task uncomfortably. The buyer should select the outfit according to his/her size and shape.

After considering all these factors, there is a higher probability of getting a creditable product. You can peacefully spend your quality time. Keep these steps in mind while buying a snow camo ghillie suit.

Closing Thoughts

You can enjoy winter camping, hunting, and photography if you have a snow camo ghillie suit. This type of suit is designed for snowy areas. You can remain warm and comfortable while being hidden from your prey. For your ease, all the important points are added to this article for you. This is for you to make an informed choice of a good quality ghillie suit. A person should consider factors like size, color, quality, accessories, and weight before buying camo ghillie suits. All the necessary and well-researched information is shared here. This might help you in purchasing your next snow camo ghillie suit.

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