What Does a Ghillie Suit Look Like and Why?

What Does a Ghillie Suit Look Like

What does a ghillie suit look like?

If you heard the name of ghillie suit, then you might have asked this question to yourself or some of your friends. 

Ghillie suit is a type of clothing made of heavy foliage whose purpose is to hide the wearer and not expose him to his enemies. For this purpose, people used to cover their old military uniform with the leaves, branches, or twigs. Furthermore, in vegetation present in that area where they would probably be hunting or sniping. This suit helps to imitate the surrounding. 

By imitating the surroundings, what happens is that their target could not find them, and they can attack secretly. 

Otherwise, if the enemy knows their presence, he will do something to protect himself, or he will run away. In this scenario, the hunter or sniper will lose the target, and there will be no benefit of waiting for the target.

Are Ghillie Suits Warm?

Besides providing camouflage to the wearer, ghillie suits give some additional benefits to the wearer.

If someone asks, “What does a ghillie suit look like?”, then based on its looks, you may consider it as a warm woolen jacket, but actually, it isn’t. 

These ghillie suits are made of polyester fabric that provides insulation and keeps the person warm. 

It is an ideal costume to wear in cold weather while hunting and sniping. In addition, in extremely cold conditions these ghillie suits do not provide enough warmth. So, you may need some extra layers of clothing underneath it. But such a ghillie suit will make your trip disastrous in the summers due to overheating. If your ghillie suit is not made of mesh polyester fabric, the temperature may reach up to 50 degrees, and you all know that at such a high temperature, the cells stop working. 

Now, if you are hunting on a sunny day and it’s too hot to stand, what do you expect? You couldn’t perform well. You will soon be dehydrated and may feel extremely low.

That’s why it is recommended to get a ghillie suit that is not only suitable for the winters but also makes you feel comfortable in the summers as well. 

An ideal ghillie suit is made of mesh polyester fabric that allows the proper ventilation and does make you suffocated. The breathability of the ghillie suit is necessary; otherwise, you will have to face serious consequences.

Are Ghillie Suits Waterproof?

Snipers and hunters buy ghillie suits to protect themselves from getting the attention of their enemies, but what if it rains and their ghillie suit gets soaked with water.

It often happens when the ghillie suits are not made of waterproof materials. Most of the ghillie suits are made of polyester fabric that is water-resistant and provides protection from rain and snow to some extent but not completely because there is a difference between being water-resistant and waterproof.

While discussing the waterproof attribute of a ghillie suit, we should also discuss what does a ghillie suit look like and how we could identify whether it is waterproof or not. Only A few ghillie suits available are waterproof, and this may be due to the fabric they use, whereas some manufacturers apply a coating of waterproof material on the ghillie suit. The better is to ask some experienced sniper or hunter so that you make the right purchase.

Waterproof ghillie suits are ideal in the case when you are not sure about the weather. The snipers have to stay for a long time on the battlefield, and often they have to spend days in the snowy areas, so their preference is waterproof ghillie suits because they can’t carry extra luggage with them.

Do Ghillie Suits Work for Deer Hunting?

Deer hunting is an exciting experience if you are a hunter, and you know how to get your hunt without revealing yourself. The main concern of a hunter is to hide from his prey so that it can not identify him.

If your prey finds you at the end moment when you are just about to shoot an arrow, it will find a way to escape, and you will ultimately be empty-handed. 

To avoid these circumstances, hunters take time to prepare their hunting gear. One of the essentials of hunting gear is the ghillie suit.

Ghillie suit is camouflage clothing made up of heavy foliage used to conceal the wearer. Most of the hunters wear ghillie suits that give them coverage and break their outline so that their hunt couldn’t identify them.

Deers have a strong sense of smell, sound, and movement; they quickly get alert by a slight movement in the bushes and find a safe escape. So, if you don’t want to attract them to your movement, a ghillie suit is an ideal costume as it imitates the surrounding well, and you should check that it must not produce noise. 

Not all of the ghillie suits are ideal for hunting, as you will find it difficult to hunt wearing a poncho ghillie suit, which is good for the snipers as they do not require much movement.

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

Cost-effectiveness is one of the factors that we should not ignore. No one wants to buy something heavy in his pocket and make him suffer to maintain his budget.

When we talk about ghillie suits, which are specialized costumes and are mostly used by the snipers and hunters, we find them quite expensive. They are expensive because the main concern of hunters and snipers is to get the best of the ghillie suit that helps to achieve their target. They can’t compromise on the quality because of the price.

But then we see the rise of wearing ghillie suits at themed parties. Here the main concern is not the concealment to achieve the target, but people wear it for fun purposes only. S, they can afford a cheap ghillie suit which does not possess many qualities. 

The price range of the average ghillie suit is $20- $150. The price depends on different factors and features.

How to Make A Ghillie Suit?

After looking into, “What does a ghillie suit look like?”, now we are going to discuss, “Is it possible to make the ghillie suit on our own?”

The straightaway answer is, Yes. But it is not as simple as you think. Ghillie suits are not just sticking some leaves over your old spare clothes, and you are ready to hunt. It’s not the case. It’s not that simple in any way. 

Keep in mind that making a ghillie suit is a time taking and tiring process. If you are enthusiastic about that, then you should make it on your own; otherwise, there are many online stores that are selling excellent quality ghillie suits with all the required accessories, and you can get them at a reasonable price.

So, for those who are interested in making a ghillie suit by themselves, let’s start. 

Steps to Make a Ghillie Suit

1) All you need at first is a camouflage suit. You may buy that from a military uniform shop or take some other suit, paint it or attach some fabric patches that match your surroundings. Here the main concern is not the suit because it will be used as a base, so you don’t have to worry much about it. You can buy expensive, cheaper, or even the Battle Dress Uniform, but the important thing is it must match the terrains.

2) Next is to sew the netting to the suit. Use a transparent netting, and for that, dental floss or fish netting is preferable. If you want to make it more durable, apply the glue on the corners so that it provides strength to the netting.

Bigger Suit

3) To make your ghillie suit look bulky, you need to attach burlap or twine to it. For that, get suitable jute from any store or simply make it by cutting the straps of a burlap sack. After cutting the jute of your desired length, see if it matches your terrain; otherwise, dye according to the surrounding. Identify the colors of vegetation and use all colors in it. 

Once it gets dried, wash it with cold water so that extra dye washes out.

4) After completing the dying and washing process, the next step is to attach these jute strands to the netting. Take around ten strands of jute and tie them to the netting. Repeat it in the same way unless the netting is fully covered by the jute.

5) Hold your suit, and wave in the air to check if there is any space left in the suit. Then make sure your suit matches the terrain; if not, drag the suit in the sand to make it look like an older suit. 

For better camouflage, you may attach leaves or twigs from surrounding to your ghillie suit.

Closing Thoughts

In this article, we have covered, “What does a ghillie suit look like, and how can you make your ghillie suit at home?”

A ghillie suit is an ideal camouflage that is in use for centuries by snipers and hunters to hide so that they can attack their prey or enemy without getting noticed. We have discussed everything in detail, and we hope you find this article helpful.

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