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What Ghillie Suit Does the Military Use?

November 28, 2020

By Nate


Wondering what ghillie suit does the military use?

The military performs a very crucial role in a country’s survival and prosperity. The military men are considered the safeguards of one’s country. They perform many difficult and deadly missions against their enemies in order to protect their motherland. 

As they perform risky tasks, they need to be safe and shielded during their operations. A military man can use various protective measures while on a mission. There are also some important safety measures added to the military rules and regulations. 

The very important thing military men always wear during any mission is a ghillie suit. Yes, a ghillie suit helps a military man to have concealment and to get the chance of defeating the enemies very quickly and efficiently. 

Having a mission against enemies is not easy and normal. The equipment and safety measures for these missions are also important and unique. Obviously, the ghillie suit for a military man is also special. Now, at this point, the public starts thinking, what ghillie suit does the military use?

What Ghillie Suit Does the Military Use?

The military men use the ghillie suit made up of excellent quality. Their ghillie suit is used to design by using the BDU’s (Battle Design Uniform) shirts and pants. 

They use the base similar to their uniform in order to look like the courageous military young men. It all depends upon the user to use the stuff over the ghillie suit. A person can select jute as well because it is a lightweight design of ghillie suit. 

The ghillie suits of the military men are specially designed according to the selected area and terrain. Before going to the mission, they wear the ghillie suit according to their area. They used to lay down on the ground to mix and blend themselves in the environment. This feature facilitates them to wait for their enemies safely as well as they also get a chance to set a proper aim at their target. 

A sniper’s ghillie suit is a little bit different in style. Snipers have a different duty to do while performing their tasks. Therefore, their suits are also arranged and designed according to their frame of use. 

What is a Sniper Ghillie Suit?

A sniper’s ghillie suit is not similar to an ordinary ghillie suit because the sniper’s duty is different. That’s why their dress is also different from the others. Their ghillie suits are designed to cover them, leaving their chest, the front side of their legs, and their diaphragm. Snipers have to lay down on the ground for a very long time in order to wait for their rivals. 

Their upper outer parts are fully covered with synthetic or natural material, but the lower part is always kept smooth and even. They are provided with soft pads that help them to release or minimize the load on their body. These pads act as the absorbing material for the force applied by the ground on the user. 

In addition to this, their ghillie suit contains a proper and similar gun wrap to cover their gun as well as there are also some other products to cover their face, head, feet, and head. 

Did They Have Ghillie Suits in WW2?

Yes, of course, the ghillie suit is not the creation of this present time. It was considered a well-known product in the past. In the past, people used it for hunting purposes. Then, by being impressed by its many useful facilities, it was brought toward military use. 

Lovas Scott used a ghillie suit during the Second Boer War. It was used in the most famous WW1 and WW2. So, it’s been in military use for a long time. It is an old concept to camouflage military men by using ghillie suits.

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

To give the answer of “What ghillie suit does the military use?” We are going to list some good products for military men. The confusion of the best ghillie suit to buy will also be cleared through this article. So, let’s get started.


  1. Rothco Lightweight All Purpose Ghillie Suit

This is a good product for the military men to buy because it has a heavy and thick outlook made up of threads. These threads make a person’s outlook very similar to the environment.  

This ghillie suit is made up of 100% polyester. Due to containing the synthetic material, this ghillie suit is very durable and sustainable. 

Rothco ghillie suits come in two color schemes. The one is desert tan. This color is used by the men to break out their look in deserts. In contrast, the other color is in the woodland camo scheme. This ghillie suit’s color is particularly selected and designed to hide in woodlands. 

The ghillie suit has an elastic waist and drawstrings for proper and exact adjustments. The buyer can also see many options for the size. One can easily get the ghillie suit of his own size. 

This ghillie suit can be used for various purposes, including hunting, paintball, airsoft, bird viewing, film shooting, and Halloween. It has a vast application to help out the public. 


  • Affordable
  • 100% synthetic
  • Durable
  • Sustainable

Woodland Suit

2. Lightweight Woodland Ghillie Suit

This is the most demanding ghillie suit to be used for all the seasons in mossy areas and woodlands. This ghillie suit is made up of synthetic material, and it is very lightweight. By seeing many threads over it, you might think that it would be a heavy product, but in reality, it is very lightweight and durable. 

The threads are very finely and technically attached to the mesh. You will not have to face the problem of threads falling out. This ghillie suit does not cause the threads to fallout due to the best sewing techniques. 

As it is made up of synthetic material, it is very lightweight and smooth from the inner side. The outer side of this ghillie suit is also rough like the other ones, but the inner side also feels very smooth and even. A user can also wear any t-shirt under this camouflage.

This ghillie suit has enough space to fit something on the inner side. So, it becomes easy and possible for a wearer to have some inner layers in the winter season to avoid the cold weather. 

Furthermore, it is very specially designed for the balance movements of the user. Military men have to move very sharply and accurately. So, this ghillie suit can provide them the chance to move accurately and smoothly.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Two-color schemes are available
  • Provides balanced movements


  • A bit expensive


3. Enkrio Woodland Ghillie Suits 5-Pc.

Military men also have to spend time on glacier sides or on the snowy borders of the country. For that case, a white ghillie suit is designed for the military men. They can use it in a snowy environment. 

This ghillie suit is also made up of synthetic material. Polyester and spandex are the two main materials used for the production of this ghillie suit. Spandex makes it mildew-resistant and durable. On the other hand, polyester makes it waterproof and lightweight. 

Absolutely, the snowy area also has moisture. By using this ghillie suit, one can remain safe and dry in wet and snowy places. This ghillie suit has threads over it made up of very durable material. 

It is a 5-piece suit including pants, jacket, hood, gun wrap, and stuff bag. An admirable option in the hood is the breathable net on the front side. This mesh or net allows a user to breathe comfortably and easily. 

This ghillie suit has many sizes for a person of every age. The threads are accurately attached to even differences, which will make you able to move smoothly. These white ghillie suits will also allow the person to crawl smoothly through rustle-free movements.  


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • 5-piece suit
  • Provides clear vision 
  • Affordable

Modern Warrior Suit

4. Modern Warrior Ghillie Suit 3 Piece Set

This pants and jacket style of ghillie suit has green colored threads over it. For people who want to know what ghillie suit does the military use, this product will answer them because this product can also be used by the military men and snipers to have concealment in forests and woodlands. 

It is a 3-piece ghillie suit with pants, a jacket, and a hood. But two other things can also be seen in the package, and these are the matching gun wrap along with a stuff bag. One can easily hide his gun. 

The ghillie suit is adjustable because it has elastic bands for properly fixing the body into it. The elastic bands also enable bulky as well as smart men or women to wear this camouflage because it can adjust to any shape and size. 

It is a top-quality design that can be used by snipers, military men, woodland photographers, and birders.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Washable
  • 3-piece suit

Closing Thoughts

The public is very curious about what ghillie suit does the military use. In this article, we have tried our best to answer this question. The difference between a normal and a sniper’s ghillie suit has also been cleared in the upper portion of this article.

All the necessary information about what ghillie suit does the military use, along with the most demanding and popular ghillie suits, has been discussed. Now, you can have access to ghillie suits that military men use for their operations, along with their detailed description. 

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