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What is a Ghillie Suit? Top 4 Camo Picks

November 8, 2020

By Nate


Are you wondering what is a ghillie suit? If so, you are not alone. Welcome to GhilleSuits.

The most frequently asked question that almost everyone wants to know is, “What is a ghillie suit?” A Ghillie suit is a wearable costume that is used to get similarities with the ground surface or surroundings like grass, soil, snow, or foliage. The costume is made up of loose burlap strips, net, strings, and cords and usually covered with the green, brown, and white synthetic or natural material. It looks like leaves, twigs, sticks, and grass.

Military men, hunters, and those who want to attack secretly use this dress to conceal themselves from their target. People use this camouflage to survive at dangerous and threatening spots.

Other names for this dress are “YOWIE” and “WOOKIE,” but most commonly, it is known as a ghillie suit. Many colors are found in the ghillie suit. They come in the desert, mossy, woody, and snow color patterns. So, it is a good source of safety in a dangerous environment. Here, we will discuss different ghillie suits used for different purposes to solve the query, “What is a ghillie suit?”  

How Many Types of Ghillie Suits are there?

A ghillie suit is created for safety purposes. So, it is designed almost according to the surroundings of danger zones. The most commonly used color pattern of a ghillie suit is the one that is used in the wild and forests. This type of ghillie suit has leaves, grass, small sticks, and foliage over it. It is very useful in dodging dangerous animals or enemies.

Moreover, a snow pattern of a ghillie suit can also be seen in the market. This type of safety cover helps you to save and hide from fatal jeopardy in snowy areas.

Some muddy dresses are also designed to suit the environment for desert hunting and photography. Such types of ghillie suits have dried leaves, sticks, and mud on it to blend the user with the environmental surroundings and conditions.

Is it Legal to Wear a Ghillie Uuit?

Yes, it is totally legal to wear a ghillie suit as it plays a vital role in a person’s protections in deadly conditions. Hunters, army men, real-life gamers, and photographers wear this unique costume for their defense. 

Wearing a ghillie suit is not illegal. Just make sure that this type of suit should be worn where it is needed because many people consider it awkward when they see a person with such a unique dress on his/her body in public space. Moreover, some states have some restrictions on ghillie suits, so you must check the regulations first.

Even if it is legal in the state, most people have no guts to put on this type of unique and distinctive outfit in public. Usually, people don’t see it worn by others, so they consider it illegal to wear such a type of dress. But actually, there is no such thing. It cannot be seen as commonly worn by everyone just because people use it only for their specific purposes.

Yes, you can wear it at a party with a wild theme, during hunting games with your family and friends, or maybe to have fun with your loved ones. It is totally fine, legal, and safe, but make sure to check the regulations of the state where you live.

Where Can We Use a Ghillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is very beneficial for its use at multi optional places. It is specially designed to resemble its wearer with the surroundings in order to hide him/herself from any threat.

It can hide its user very well and accurately. People used to wear a ghillie suit at many spots, and some of them are listed here.

  • Hunting: For those who have crazy love for hunting, the ghillie suit is a type of miracle creation. Hunting that was difficult to do from a distance or hunting that needed complete access to the target is now becoming very easy just because of a ghillie suit.
  • Military use: It is very beneficial for military men. Army youth use this suit for the protection and survival of their country so that they can protect their country from every evil eye. It helps to avoid enemies and to attack them beyond their expectations.
  • Wild photography: People who love to photograph wild animals or who are fascinated by wild and love its beauty wear ghillie suits very comfortably. With its help, they hide from dangerous animals and become able to carry out their purpose without disturbing them.

Ghillie Suit Types

Let us discuss some different types of ghillie suits to clear the concept of “What is a ghillie suit?”

1. Lightweight Woodland Ghillie Suit

This is the most commonly used ghillie suit for hunting at boscage or woodland. It is very comfortably designed for the user to have its advantage in every season you want. 

Moreover, it is masterly designed for the balanced movements of the wearer. Its sewing quality is so fine enough. In addition, it is made up of breathable fabric. Lastly, you can also wear a T-shirt under this suit in order to have great fun with this smooth costume.

Furthermore, it comes with the hood, inner rifle wrap, jacket, and pants with proper elastic safety. It is a complete package. Lastly, it provides you a head to toe coverage, so you can easily be safe and mingle yourself with the surroundings.

Furthermore, its thread quality is so fine that you can easily comb it after its use. Due to this property, it is very easy to manage and save the dress after use.

It is suitable for all seasons, so you can wear a warm wool shirt under it in winter or a light t-shirt in the summer season.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to manage
  • Durable


  • A bit costly

Learn More about the Lightweight Ghillie Suit

Arcturus Ghillie Suit

2. Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit for Men

This another popular ghillie suit mainly used for hunting purposes. It is considered more advanced because it has a water-resistant property due to which you can easily remain safe from the rain or any water on your way to reach your body. 

It covers you with almost 6 pounds of synthetic and light threads. The insane amount of threads are double-stitched with the net.

Moreover, it is a full-body cover that will help you have more time span, more kills, and more resistance in the danger zone. The color of this item is specifically designed to have safety in the season when the grass color turns yellow. In this way, you will fully mimic the yellow grassland.

It comes in 4 sizes; kids, young adults, regular, and extra-large. Thus, a person of any age can have the experience of this unique shielding cover. 

This suit comes with an adjustable hood with buttons, so you can have the hood off whenever you want.

Other than that, it has an elastic rifle wrap to cover your gun. Adjustable pants and button jackets complete the whole package. You can easily handle each piece of this suit separately.  Ghillie suit cost will vary depending on what you are looking for.


  • Water repellent
  • Adjustable
  • 100% synthetic
  • Double-stitched


  • Has a chemical odor

Learn More about the Arcturus Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Enkrio Ghillie Suit

3. Enkrio Woodland Ghillie Suits Camouflage Clothing

It is a well-known hiding dress with 3D concealment and safety is here. This ghillie suit is made up of durable and tough polyester in order to have strong protection.

The polyester threads are double-stitched with the mesh to sustain the secure permanence and vanish your fear of losing threads with time. It is light in weight so you can carry and put it on easily. Also, it has elastic bands with it through which you can adjust the chest and waist size according to your comfort. 

In addition, it also has a jacket, pants, gun cover, hood, and stuff sack with it. Due to a bunch of qualities, this suit is very beneficial for shooting, hunting, photography, birdwatching, and Halloween.

Due to its color and high texture, the wearer cannot be seen laying or sitting in an icy area. That is why people who hunt deadly animals like polar bears or fox, love having this sort of unique protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Double sewing property
  • Adjustable for all size
  • Long-lasting

Learn More about the Enkrio Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Zicac Camo Ghillie Suit

4. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing

Let’s have a discussion on another type of 3D camouflage shielding ghillie outfit so that it becomes clear to you, “What is a ghillie suit?”

This is a unique and different type of camouflage cover. It is designed particularly for woodland and leafy forest. Its 3D leafy appearance makes its wearer totally invisible in the leafy surroundings to have a better aim at the target.

Its trouser has elastic bands to manage the waist size, and the zipper available on the jacket makes it easy to put on and off. 

Because it is free of things like leaves or twigs, it is very light in weight and easy to wash whenever you want.

It comes with a leafy hood, one leafy jacket with a zipper in front, and a trouser with the same base and adjustable elastic bands.


  • Unique
  • Washable
  • Almost weightless


  • Easily detectable sometimes

Learn More about the Zicac Camo Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Closing Thoughts

Now, you might have gotten a clear idea of “What is a Ghillie Suit?” A ghillie suit is an outfit that is totally designed according to the environment for a complete blend and mixture of its user with the surrounding. It is widely used in the whole world for hunting, bird viewing, military, photography, and shooting purposes. People can have a completely safe and protective usage by hiding themselves through it. A variety of color patterns are available; you can choose the one according to your surroundings.

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