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What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

November 8, 2020

By Nate


Are you wondering what is the best ghillie suit to buy? Welcome to Ghille Suits.

Having an indelible trip in risky frames is a good way to make thrilling memories in someone’s life. For sure, anyone who decides to have a part of the adventures of this sort will try to arrange almost every necessary safety for him. A ghillie suit is one of those safety measures. This suit is widely used for safety purposes by hunters, players, armed forces, bird viewers, photographers, and travelers. But make sure to decide the best and good product.

Before purchasing any ghillie suit, you should be acknowledged, “What is the best ghillie suit to buy?” You must know about it because you will be able to enjoy its benefit only if the quality and rank of that ghillie suit would be of excellent level. In this article, we will discuss some major factors and things that you should know before buying a ghillie suit for you. 

Are Ghillie Suits Effective?

For those who keenly desire to know whether the ghillie suits are effective or not, the answer is certainly yes. Theghillie suit is making its mark speedily throughout the world. In the present era, people are becoming more conscious about their passion and field. Those who have to face some difficult places to pass for the completion of their target are using ghillie suits enormously. This suit always proves itself as a helpful, protective, and shielded barrier. 

With the help of a ghillie suit, they become able to complete the hurdles without being noticed. Ghillie suit provides complete protection by mixing the user with the environment. It allows a person to concentrate on his aim comfortably. Otherwise, in the past, people had to concentrate on their targets along with the fear of being detected by the opponents. But now, this threat has been eradicated almost completely just because of a ghillie suit.

But again, you can have the joy of a fearless mission only if you go for a good standard ghillie suit. There are many ghillie suits of different qualities available in the market. A variety of ghillie suits can be seen, so how would you choose the best ghillie suit for yourself? 

For that, firstly you should know “What is the best ghillie suit to buy”? Let’s have a look at some important features that you have to keep in your mind in order to purchase a good class of ghillie suit. 

What is the Best Ghillie Suit? Features of the Best Ghillie Suit

You should make your mind completely clear about all the effective features of a ghillie suit before selecting it. These features have a collective effect on the mission, where you are going to use the ghillie suit.

1. Fabric Quality

Most ghillie suits are made up of burlap strips, cotton threads, or net. You have to select the most suitable stuff according to your frame of reference. Ghillie suit made up of burlap covered cotton is a good option. But if you are going on a trip to icy areas, then you should use complete nylon or polyester ghillie suits for having a water-resistive property especially.

Many ghillie suits are available in the market that are embedded with synthetic materials made up of nylon or polyester. You can surely go for that one. 

Do not compromise on the fabric quality because it is the base of a ghillie suit. Your experience of having a ghillie suit totally depends upon it. 

2. Stitching

A fine stitched ghillie suit always proves the best. The way of stitching matters a lot. You should choose the best-stitched ghillie suit for a better experience.

Some ghillie suits are available with random stitches to stick the leaves and twigs with the base. But some ghillie suits come with proper stitching. Ghillie suits with single and double stitching are accessible. Both are effective; you can choose whatever you want according to your budget.  

A double-stitched ghillie suit is the best. Designers use the double stitching method to attach the leaves, twigs, and sticks over it. Such a type of ghillie suit would be a good, strong, durable, and more usable option for you. You will remain unconscious about the thread fall out by choosing this option. 

3. Color

The theme and color of the ghillie suit is also an important thing to be kept in mind. The different color patterns of ghillie suits are created for different environments. 

You should use the one according to your surroundings. Obviously, you cannot choose a white ghillie suit for hunting purposes in the woodlands. 

Similarly, you cannot have a green ghillie suit for snowy camping sites. Definitely, you would go with a white one.

If you want a complete breakdown of your look, you will have to select the ghillie suit similar to your selected area. 

  • Leafy one is best for forests.
  • The mossy pattern is perfect for fields, wooded areas, and tall bushes.
  • For safety in deserts, the desert color pattern comes in different styles.
  • The snowy pattern is also available in the market to have a concealed camping in snowy areas. 

4. Weight

Make sure to choose a lightweight camo ghillie suit. A person has to move here and there secretly for a better vision of his target. Slight and secret movements are critical parts of any mission. 

Even if you are sitting freely, you will have to move quickly if some danger suddenly rushes on you. 

You need safe and smooth movements for a successful operation. A light lightweight ghillie suit will prove itself the best through proving you rustle-free movements.

Snipers should consider it as a number one priority while choosing a perfect ghillie suit for them. 

A lightweight ghillie suit will be easy to handle. Moreover, you will also be able to take the outfit with you easily. In this way, this property will also be very beneficial to make your ghillie suit much portable and manageable. 

You can easily use a lightweight ghillie suit in any season you want. In summer, you can go for some light underneath shirts or trousers. It will not be a cause of suffocation for you. While in winter, you can wear any type of warm outfit under it. It will not make you feel under load.

So, you should surely select a lightweight and flimsy ghillie suit as it has many benefits.

5. Adjustability

Some ghillie suits come with fixed adjustments. You cannot adjust that one according to your size and shape. On the other hand, some ghillie suits are available with super elastic and buttons adjustments. You can easily adjust that one according to your needs. 

You should choose the one which can be easy to handle so that you can easily adjust according to your comfort. This will be suitable for your pocket as you will not need to purchase a single and separate ghillie suit for every member. 

Furthermore, this feature will also help you to wear anything under it easily. You can have a strong and safe camouflage by purchasing an adjustable ghillie suit. A ghillie suit with proper adjustments will provide you a comfortable experience. 

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

“What is the best ghillie suit to buy?” is a frequently asked question. 

If you properly consider all the above-mentioned important features of a ghillie suit, then you will be able to select the best product.

For your convenience, we are providing a list of some good quality ghillie suits. 

  • Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit
  • Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit
  • HaoFst Large Size Ghillie Suit
  • Modern Warrior Mixed Tactical and Hunting Ghillie Suit
  • KNINE OUTDOORS Ghillie Suits

All the above-mentioned products are designed by keeping the necessary features in mind. You can select any of the above without any hesitation. You will have a good, safe, adventurous, and shielded operation with these products. All the products are manageable, lightweight, breathable, well-stitched, and adjustable. 

How Much Does a Ghillie Suit Cost?

You can see the ghillie suits of many ranges in the market. No doubt, the prices are always fixed according to the quality, but there are also some affordable ghillie suits with commendable qualities.

You can easily have a ghillie suit for around $50. Ghillie suit cost will vary. You can also find a ghillie suit for several hundred dollars in order to have extra brilliant qualities. You can see the prices in the range of $150-$200. A standard and middle-range ghillie suit can cost around $100-$150.

You can also find some ghillie suits below $50, but as a cheap ghillie suit, you may have to compromise on the quality of such a product. 

It would be better to use a bit more money for a good product instead of wasting money on a cheap product.

Closing Thoughts

We hope the query “What is the best ghillie suit to buy?” has been solved after reading this article.

In this article, we have discussed all the important features that a good and effective ghillie suit should have. We have also listed some good, valuable, and affordable ghillie suits. All of those can become a safe, protective, and shielded cover for you during your dangerous missions. Now you can easily pick out an effective ghillie suit for yourself by contemplating the above-mentioned features.

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