When Was the Ghillie Suit Invented and Why?

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A ghillie suit looks unique and charming and can be used for many purposes, including hunting, games, photography, and special missions. No doubt, it should be admirable because it offers a huge number of benefits to its users.

All the ghillie suit users know about its benefits and uses, but they should also be acknowledged about when was the ghillie suit invented? Everything is ever invented, and its use grows with time. Similarly, the ghillie suit was invented in the old days, and it is still in vogue today. 

When Was the Ghillie Suit Invented?

The ghillie suit was first used in 1899. A Scottish gamekeeper invented this ghillie suit. The idea to create a suit was derived from a boy who had the ability to make himself look like vegetation. He used to disguise himself in the bushes by layering leaves over him. After seeing him, people thought of designing a ghillie suit that would cover a person in the same way as the boy did. 

The idea was firstly used for hunting, but when the people became aware of its benefits, they appreciated it to be used for military purposes. It was used in various wars, including World War 1 and World War 2.

Why are They Called Ghillie Suits?

Actually, the word ghillie is derived from the Scots Gaelic term, which means “boy”. This idea was taken from the boy; that’s why it is known as a ghillie suit. This point also links the question, when was the ghillie suit invented? This camouflage was used by the boys and servants, and then this idea became popular to use for various purposes.

It is also known by some people that those ghillie suits were used by the shepherds who used to change their look by this camouflage. They did this to become undetectable to their sheep in order to keep them together. 

Were Ghillie Suits Used in WW2?

Some people say that the ghillie suit was firstly used by a Scottish boy. It was also used by the shepherds to keep their sheep together. 

Its benefits and uses proved very great in the past, and it became popular in royal systems. Kings preferred a ghillie suit for their military men. It would be easy for them to become hidden and dangerous for their enemies. 

It was firstly used by the Lovat Scouts during 1899 – 1902 in the second Boer war. Then the British snipers used many ghillie suits in WW2. They used camouflage with leaves over them. Again in WW2, this suit was of great importance. It was confidently used in the war by troops. 

Here are some products that people can surely use and select for the military as well as hunting operations. 

Top Ghillie Suits

1.AOIEORD Ghillie Suit for Men

It is a ghillie suit that can easily blend you in the forest. For military use, it is perfect because most of the military operations occur in the forests. Its design helps a person to mimic the forest background. The ghillie suit provides the best hiding effects because it has a mixture of 3 to 4 different colors to give it a natural look. 

This is a 2-piece suit, and it is very suitable for users to wear quickly. The dress has 3D leaves made up of fabric. It covers the user to complete the task in the jungle while hiding in the bushes.

3D leaves cuts make it more natural and realistic. The suit has great importance for quick movers because it is lightweight. Snipers love to have a lightweight product. For them, it would be best as it is made up of polyester mesh and nylon rope. It is also breathable enough.

The leaves are specially designed over the suit to avoid being caught in the zipper. It is adjustable and can be used for many purposes. 


  • Lightweight
  • 2-piece
  • 3D design
  • Portable
  • Face paint colors


2.ANDYKE Ghillie 3D Hunting Suit

The ghillie suit has almost 1000 3D leaves over it to give the suit a very dynamic look. It will be helpful for the user to imitate the grassland and woodland colors. Its wearer can hide easily just by sitting in the bushes. 

It can be used for multi-purposes, such as military, hunting, tracking, role-playing, surveillance, film, and television work. In addition, it has vast applications because of its outer appearance. It can easily mix the user in the frame and make him invisible.

Due to its lightweight, it is appreciated by the user very well. A lightweight ghillie suit can be beneficial in many cases; a person can have the mirth of a unique and unheavy suit over him. 

The adjustment options include buttons on the front of the jacket to fix the jacket according to the required size. Moreover, it has flexible cuffs and drawstrings in the hood. You can fit the hood on your head, and it will not slip from your head. 

The suit has an attached hood, so you will not have the irritation to keep the hood separately. Its lightweight enables it to be used for a long time.


  • Attached hood 
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easily available

NINAT Ghillie Suit

3.NINAT Ghillie Suit Camo 

This is a little bit different dress because it does not have the leaves of fabric over it. In fact, it has synthetic threads over it made up of polyester. The threads over the ghillie suit make it dynamic and thick. 

It is a 3D camouflage which offers a person the best way of concealment. The threads are light and moveable. The threads are made up of 100% synthetic polyester, due to which it is very lightweight. 

This 3-dimensional ghillie suit can be used for various occupations like hunting, photography, and games. It is versatile to use and easy to put on a person’s body.

This ghillie suit is a 5-piece product. The whole set contains a jacket, pants, threaded hood, gun wrap with threads on the outer side, and a stuff bag to carry important stuff. 


  • 5-piece suit
  • 3D camouflage
  • For multi-purposes
  • Adjustable.


  • Threads make irritation sometimes. 

Red Rock Suit

4. Red Rock Gear Youth Ghillie Suit

This ghillie suit is an outstanding product. It is perfect for those who are really keen to have an affordable ghillie suit. This ghillie suit is one of the most demanded outfits because of its benefits. 

Most of the ghillie suits lack the facility of pockets, but the Red Rock ghillie suit has inner pockets that carry the important stuff with you. 

The best thing about the suit is that its threads are very finely attached to the mesh. You will not feel the problem of the thread fall out. 

The suit is very masterly designed to fit almost every size and shape as it is very adjustable and manageable. If a person is frustrated because of hot weather, then he can go with a thin layer under this camouflage. Even he can wear a thick warm shirt under it. 

Suit Material

The red rock ghillie suit is made up of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. The polyester makes it mildew and abrasion resistant as it is synthetic, and the spandex makes it able to bear the restitching. So, if you want to resize your pants, it will help you out. 

This dress has many super adjustable options. Its pants have an elastic waist with drawstrings. There are snap closures at jackets and at ankles. Moreover, the hood has an adjustable chin strap, so one can easily fit the hoodie according to his/her choice to avoid the slipping problem. 

There are three sizes of this dress. It comes in medium, large, and extra-large sizes. Almost every person of every age can have this dress to enjoy this camouflage. It is a 5-piece suit, including a jacket, pants, hood, gun wrap, and stuff bag.


  • Have inner pockets
  • Hand washable
  • 5-piece suit
  • 100% synthetic

Zicac Suit

5. Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit

If someone wants to have comfortable camouflage, this is a good option. It is comfortable because it is a 2-piece suit and very smooth to wear and take off. 

The outer side is rough in 3ED texture, but the inner side feels very smooth to the user. 

The suit has a hood stitched with the jacket and contains adjustable drawstrings. At the same time, the suit has elastic cuffs and a zipper for proper fitting.

The blend of colors on the ghillie suit will mimic and imitate the selected and targeted background. 

This ghillie suit can be a great companion for a person during any mission like hunting, bird-viewing, photography, and moment capturing, etc.


  • Portable
  • Washable
  • Manageable
  • Affordable
  • Attached hood

Closing Thoughts

It is a fact that when a person knows about the many virtues of a thing, he desires to have it. He also tries to be aware of the full details of that product. Similarly, the question of when was the ghillie suit invented also makes people curious. We have tried to give a possible answer to this question. Now, we hope you are calm about when was the ghillie suit invented. 

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