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White Ghillie Suit Use, Benefits and Tips

November 9, 2020

By Nate


Seeking more information about the white ghillie suit? If so, welcome to GhilleSuits. We are glad you have arrived here.

Have you ever seen a little piece of ice or snow slightly moving in polar regions? If yes, then that would not be a piece of ice or snow. Also, you might have seen a person with a white ghillie suit and didn’t get it right.

Ghillie suit also comes in a white color pattern. A white ghillie suit is specifically designed for snowy and icy areas. In addition, it is perfect for hiding in the snow. Moreover, people have to put on something necessary in order to avoid cool breezes and weather. Therefore, a white ghillie suit also offers some warmth because it is designed for such areas.

The white ghillie suit is for the ease of hunters, ice skating lovers, photographers, and nature admirers. It is a commendable creation of the time. As we all know that the icy and polar regions are not easily accessible to everyone. So, only some lucky people get the chance to explore this refreshing white beauty of the world. In addition, a white ghillie suit would be a great idea to watch animals and hunt them in icy areas.

We will discuss many advantageous and benefits of white ghillie suits. Moreover, you will also be able to get a protective outfit according to your budget.

White Ghillie Suit

Why Do People Use White Ghillie Suits/Snow Camo Suit?

A ghillie suit with white color is specifically created for the icy and snowy places. It completely disguises its user in the white ice, and it becomes very difficult to detect such a person. If a dangerous polar animal detects something a bit different in the frame, even then, it will take time to visualize and identify whether it is a living or non-living thing. For such types of dodging purposes, a ghillie suit is worn.

Moreover, the army youth have to hide in the icy borders of our country. So, they also consider it a great option for keeping themselves guarded. By putting on this suit, military men become fearless about their detection by their enemies and can have the full concentration to defeat the opponents. 

Some photographers also use this outfit to hide from the deadly and harm causing animals. They can easily capture dangerous animals like ice bears, leopards, and snow foxes. They become able to have a close picture of these animals without being noticed by them.

Can You Buy a Ghillie Suit?

Yes, you can easily buy a ghillie suit. There are many types of suits available in stores and markets. White ghillie suits are also common, especially in photographers. It is legal to wear the suit for different purposes, but some states have strict regulations regarding ghillies suits. So, you need to check the rules first before you get a ghillie suit. 

Some people try to make a ghillie suit on their own, but it’s not a good idea. Anormal homemade ghillie suit gets wet due to its contact with the watery ice. Such type of wet dress can cause many serious problems to your health because of the already freezing surroundings. You will also have to face the problem of moving from place to place. In this way, you can be easily detected by danger. So, an unsatisfactory and low-quality ghillie suit can create some problematic situations for you.

 A high-quality ghillie suit that you buy has many features. Many companies are using their hands, mind, machines, and workers to create a suitable and safe ghillie suit for snowy camping sites. 

If you have an excellent ghillie suit, you can have the surety of being safe. 

Best What Ghillie Suits: Top 4 Products

We have selected and listed some best white ghillie suits available and are making a mark in the market. You can have all the details of these admirable and protective white ghillie suits. We have listed the necessary information about the products for your ease.

1. Red Rock Ghillie Suit

This is a white durable ghillie suit. It is made up of polyester threads to sustain its durability. The threads are accurately attached to the net base so that they can provide a safe and comfortable time while wearing the suit.

The main property of this suit is water-resistance. You can have dry safety in ice without being moistened. The water-repelling property helps you perform your task in an easy and satisfactory way.

It is made up of loose fire-retardant material that makes it lightweight and easy to use. Due to its lightweight, you can easily move here and there while wearing this suit, along with any other undergarments. 

Its style is masterly designed with an even texture; you will not feel any hesitation in moving or crawling. You can easily aim your target without being noticed.

It comes with adult medium/large and adult XL/2XL sizes, but a person of every size and shape can easily adjust the suit according to his/her needs with the help of the elastics bands.


  • Easy to wear
  • For winter use
  • Water resistance
  • Affordable


  • Cannot be used in woodlands

Learn More about the Red Rock Ghillie Suit on Amazon

LUCKYYAN Ghost Ghillie Suit

2. LUCKYYAN Ghost Ghillie Suit Snow

This snow camo suit is a good version of the ghillie suit. It comes with the style of our daily use outfits. The suit has enough space to wear any type of warm undergarments like sweaters or shirts, in order to avoid yourself from the freezing weather.

It is made up of polyester that provides you a lavish covering with water repellant property. This property will keep you and your clothes safe from water soakage so that you will be able to have a better experience of your adventurous trip. 

This winter camo suit contains 98% polyester and 2% spandex. It is a super lightweight product; you can fit it into a small bag for traveling purposes. Its lightweight makes it more portable, and you can have a smooth and even movement while using it.

You can use this brilliant outfit for hunting, paintball, winter campings, and winter sports. Overall, this is one of the best options that you can own to have a memorable experience in your life.

This suit has a free size to fit any male or female. It provides you 3D concealment, and the user can experience being disguised in a snowy world. This suit comes with a jacket, pants, hood, stuff bag, and a rifle cover. It is hand washable and can easily be managed after use. 


  • Super lightweight
  • Wind stopper
  • Adjustable
  • Resists water

Learn More about the LUCKYYAN White Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Paintball White Ghillie Suit

3. Paintball Ghillie Poncho Winter White

Another piece of mastery is here. This ghillie suit is specially designed for paintball experts. It provides complete concealment to the players to aim their targets sharply. 

The ghillie suit has white polyester threads over it that give it a snowy look. These polyester covers will resist water and also act as a wind stopper for you. You can comfortably remain safe from any type of danger or weather.

The ghillie suit is easy to wear and adaptable. You can break out your look and can completely mix yourself with the environment. You can have the fun of being invisible in the snow.

The ghillie suit is a perfect fit for paintball players. They can have the mirth of a world where they cannot be seen by anyone. 


  • Breathable
  • Portable
  • Washable

Learn More about the Poncho White Ghillie Suit on Amazon

MFH Ghillie Snow Suit

4. MFH Camouflage Ghillie Suit Snow

This is a bit different and a suitable ghillie suit. It contains some dark spots on it. Those who have to hide in the tree or bushes in snowy areas can use this ghillie suit without any confusion. This ghillie suit can mix snow and greenery with you so well that you would not be accepted as a living thing by anyone’s mind.

The product comes with a complete package of 4 pieces: jacket, pants, headcover, and gun cover. This ghillie suit is manufactured by using soft nylon that provides you a smooth camouflage with 3D concealment. 

The dress is very adjustable and manageable. Its jacket has buttons on it, and you can easily fit it. 

The pants have elasticated strips and to manage the waist size. They have two back pockets, so you can have your little necessary goods with you. Moreover, at the bottom side, the pants/trousers have some buttons for proper adjustment, and the ankle can also be fitted according to the need with the help of elastic and flexible strips at the bottom. 

Lastly, the dress has a total weight of 1750 grams. It is a comfortable, lightweight, and portable shield for hunters, paintballers, and beauty seekers.


  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to carry
  • Washable
  • Manageable


  • A little bit costly

Learn More about the MFH Snow Ghillie Suit on Amazon

Closing Thoughts

To be concealed in a snowy territory, a white ghillie suit is the best option. You can have a sure and memorable journey. Here we have discussed some of the most reasonable and good standard white ghillie suits for your knowledge and ease. All the merits and demerits of the commonly used products are mentioned here.

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