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Who Makes the Best Ghillie Suit? Our Top Picks

November 28, 2020

By Nate


Wondering who makes the best ghillie suit? We hope this post will provide some answers and give you some suggestions.

Are you also wondering about who makes the best ghillie suit? If yes, then we are here to answer you and clear your mind about the best makers of the ghillie suits. 

There are a lot of ghillie suits, but a serious person who has to perform his tasks sharply wants the best ghillie suit. For that, he also wants to know who makes the best ghillie suit. 

There are many brands in the market who are making ghillie suits to meet the demands of the public. But it is important to pick the best one from a bunch. 

Who Made the Ghillie Suit? 

This suit was made by a Scottish boy who was a gamekeeper. He used the idea to camouflage himself by using leaves and grass to look like real vegetation. His efforts proved very beneficial, and he was able to hide in the environment. 

Then, this suit was also used by the hunters and the military men. Hunters used it to remain hidden from their prey for the better hunt, while military men started to use this ghillie suit for concealment in order to hide from the enemies. 

The ghillie suit proved its importance throughout the world. After being impressed by its benefits, military men started to use it in wars. Lovas scot used this outfit in the Second Boer War. Then, the army men also used it in World War 1 and in World War 2.

Its importance was not stuck at one point. It is still increasing day by day. 

Nowadays, the use of a Ghillie suit is not bound to hunting and military use. In fact, it is now used for photography by beauty lovers. It is also used to hide during bird viewing by birders. Besides some serious uses, it is also used by children for having fun during Halloween and games. 

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy? 

For sure, a well-made ghillie suit would be the best because it will have all the best features to help out a person in imitating the surroundings.

Let’s discuss some of the features of the best ghillie suit to buy.


The best ghillie suits are always made with water-resistant properties. This feature helps a ghillie suit to resist water or any unwanted moisture. For the conditions like raining and snowing, water-resistant property keeps the person dry and safe. 


The ghillie suit should always be lightweight. A lightweight ghillie suit provides smooth and comfortable movements. It also enables a person to minimize the load over his body. 


An adjustable ghillie suit would be very best for you to fit in every season. The adjustment options make a ghillie suit to use in all seasons. In summer, one can adjust it with any thin layer under this suit, while in winter, a person can wear any warm and thick layer under this suit. Adjustment options usually include a drawstring in the hood and waist, elastic belts, and cuffs. 

Who Makes the Best Ghillie Suit?

Among a lot of ghillie suit’s brands, we have selected some very popular and most used products. We will also write detailed information about all the products so that you would be able to know who makes the best ghillie suit.


1.Arcturus Ghost Ghillie Suit

It is hard enough to find a ghillie suit like this one. This suit is enormously used in the whole world because it is made in a fully satisfactory way. The suit has almost 6 pounds of synthetic, water resistance, noise-free, and lightweight threads that offer you more kills and more comfort. 

Many people buy a ghillie suit, and then they have to face the problem of threads shedding. This suit can save you from facing such a problem because its threads are doubled stitched with the mesh to make it durable and stronger. The double stitching method, instead of single stitching, adds more sustainability to this gear.

The dry grass suit is created by mixing the tan thread base with the light olive threads to mimic the dry grass. This color is designed to disguise in the open areas during the fall and spring seasons when everywhere grass turns yellow. 

This ghillie suit is available in 4 different sizes. 





The whole suit comes in a mesh carry bag with pants, a jacket with an attached hood, and an elastic gun wrap similar to the ghillie suit. 


  • Provides light movements
  • 3D camouflage
  • Double-stitched
  • Attached hood


 2. SMZCTYI Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Woodland Camouflage

One more good product to be considered is here. It is a 3D designed suit with fabric material over it. This suit has effective 3D leafy cuts on the outer side to make it dynamic and realistic as much as possible. 

The dress is fully adjustable. The jacket has a high-quality front zipper to fix any size, and the pants have an elastic waist for proper fitting. The attached hood has adjustable drawstrings to tie, which means it will certainly fit any slim or healthy head and face. 

This camouflage can provide you a better way to have fun during your operations like hunting, bird viewing, outdoor games, and photography. 

There is a master design of leaves over it with a mixture of different colors in order to make it fully similar to the environment. 

This suit will help you to maximally blend in with the surroundings. 

In addition, this ghillie suit can be a perfect companion for you on your way to hide. 

Moreover, it will provide you the chance to fully concentrate only on one side. 


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Attached hood
  • 3D design 
  • Can mimic woodlands
  • Washable


3. Enkrio Woodland Ghillie Suits 5-Pc

This is a product that can tell you who makes the best ghillie suit? 

It is one of those brands that always try to make a mark in the market by making useful and durable products. 

This suit has a different color. Yes, it comes in white color, and it is specially designed for snowy areas where every single place seems to be covered with snow and looks white. 

To hide in a white area, a white ghillie suit can be useful because it will completely blend its user into the snow, and it becomes difficult for the opponents to detect any person even in the open area. 

This ghillie suit is made up of 100% man-made polyester material, so it is lightweight, durable, sustainable, and waterproof. The synthetic material over it makes it mildew-resistant and increases its durability. The threads are masterly attached to the mesh. 

The suit has five pieces. These five pieces are a jacket, pants, hood, gun wrap, and stuff bag. 

The hood has an opening made up of mesh or net to increase the breathability of this gear. It will provide you the fresh air to breathe. In this case, a person can also remain safe from the suffocation that a fully closed hood offers. 


  • Lightweight
  • Masterly stitched
  • 5-piece suit 
  • Breathable opening 


  • Can only be used in white areas


4. Red Rock Gear Youth Ghillie Suit

This is a product specially for those Hunters who are in search of the best quality camouflage to set their aim better by being invisible. 

It is excellent for those military men who want to set dangerous goals against their enemies and wait for them to attack sharply. 

This suit has green thread over it that gives its user a completely natural and original outlook like vegetation. 

Moreover, the threads on the outer side also look like grass, so it can also be worn in the open ground. You just need to wear this dress and lay down on the ground to look like the grass.

The suit has the advantage of proper fitting features. The pants have an elastic belt for the exact fitting according to the user’s need. 

Moreover, the cuffs and trouser’s ends are strongly stretched due to elastic bands. It enables a person to remain safe from mosquitos and other small insects. 

Due to its green color, it can be used in forests, woodlands, grassy land/area, and for Halloween costumes. 


  • Adjustable 
  • Affordable 
  • Washable
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to wear
  • High coverage
  • Densely hiding properties

Closing Thoughts

“Who makes the best ghillie suit” is a frequently asked question. We have tried to answer it clearly. The above-mentioned suits are from those brands who always try to make something great and advantageous for the customers. All the products are well-known throughout the world and are of great importance for hunting and military use especially.  These above-mentioned products and their details can tell you who makes the best suit. In addition to the above-listed products, we have also tried to tell you some important features of a good suit to help you to select and choose the best option for your events. We have tried to explain everything in detail, and we hope you will find this article helpful.

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