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What Does a Ghillie Suit Look Like

Are you wondering why do they call it a ghillie suit? If so, welcome to GhilleSuits.

Ghillie suit is becoming a well-known source of protection by hunters, paintball players, photographers, sniper men, military men, and travelers. Almost every person who wants to experience some thrills uses this suit for being disguised. 

The subject is becoming popular with the passage of time. But not everyone actually knows, “Why do they call it a ghillie suit?” As a unique way of safety, its name is also very unique. People usually want to be informed about its history.

In this article, we will discuss some historical background features of the ghillie suit like “Why do they call it a ghillie suit?” and “What is the origin of a ghillie suit?”

So, let’s get straight forward into it.

Why Do They Call it a Ghillie Suit?

Actually, the word GHILLIE came from a Scottish term Gaelic which means “boy”. The word Ghillie means (in English) “male servants or attendants”. This term gives us a throwback of the era when Scottish men hid in leaves and bushes. Due to this term, people used to call this hiding dress ‘GHILLIE SUIT’. 

Some people usually say that ghillies were the shepherds who used to break their look by this type of dressing in order to keep their sheep together. Or they used it to be a part of the herd without being noticed by the sheep. They became able to protect their herds from poachers. Moreover, it also worked to catch the fooled wolves.

In this way, this idea of hiding got popular. People tried to have this opportunity to save their herds. This is how this suit became popular under this name. We hope the question “Why do they call it a ghillie suit?” is answered now. 

Ghillie Suit History

After being used by shepherds, the ghillie suit became popular for many other purposes too. People started to use it for hunting and gaming purposes. It was considered a very good way to defeat enemies.  

Then the boundaries of its use widen toward military purposes. The ghillie suit was firstly used for military purposes by a Scottish Army Commander “Lord Lovat”.

He took the hunters and shepherds from the Northern Scottish Highlands and taught them the basic principles of fight and war. He wanted to use their ghillie talent. These men were sent to show their talent in the South African Boer War around 1899. These courageous men then became a part of World War 1 and World War 2 as Lovat scouts.

Were Ghillie Suits Used in WW2?

Yes, ghillie suits were used in WW2 by Lovat Scouts. They used to break down their outline by wearing ghillie camouflage and hiding in bushes and grass. In addition, they remained safe from their opponents.

They used a net or mesh and embellished them with some leaves and twigs. Furthermore, they put the net over their dresses or uniform in order to be camouflaged. 

The British Army is credited as the first country that used Snipers and monitoring tactics with ghillie suits during warfare.

Best Ghillie Suits: Top 4 Products

Here is the list of some most used ghillie suits for full coverage and protection for different purposes. 

1. Enkrio Woodland Ghillie Suits 5-Pc. Camouflage Clothing 

It is a five-piece woodland ghillie suit with 3D foliage embellishment over it. It will provide you a head-to-toe coverage and will completely conceal you in the surroundings. Also, The dress can be used for forest, jungle, and woodland campings.

The product comes in different sizes. Adult Medium/Large size can fit a chest of 40″-48″ and waist of 30″-38″.

Another one is Adult XL / 2XL, which can fit the chest size of 48″-56″ and waist of 38″-48″. But usually, the adult size can be used by anyone through small alterations. Also, it comes with adjustable elastic bands that can help you manage the size and fitting according to your comfort.

The dress is made up of multicolor loose threads in order to mimic you in the foliage. In addition, the threads are strongly stitched with the mesh to eradicate the thread fall out. It is specially designed for Rustle-free movements. Also, you can easily move while wearing it without making any noise. In this way, you can remain fully secured and invisible. 

The dress is lightweight and fire retardant. Moreover, it also has a breathable and visible space on the front side. You can have a clear vision of your target with its help. It comes with a complete package of a jacket, pants, bag, gun cover, and hood. 


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Affordable
  • lightweight

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Haofast Ghillie Suit

2. HaoFst Large Size Ghillie Suit 

This ghillie suit is available with the quality of high density. It has more threads on it as compared to others. So, all the threads are doubled-stitched with the mesh in order to minimize thread shedding.

The dress is made up of 100% polypropylene strings that are securely stitched with polyester lining. So, its material makes it more durable and manageable. In addition, the outfit is highly bedecked with good quality synthetic threads that are totally waterproof, fire retardant, mildew proof, and rot proof. Furthermore, you will be able to use this ghillie suit for a long time without spoilage. 

Adult Medium/Large can fit the chest sizes 40″-48″ and waist sizes 30″-48″. Moreover, its cuffs and ankle have elastic strips. So, you can have a comfortable fitting around your cuff and ankle by adjusting through those strips. In addition, hood and trousers come with an adjustable drawstring tie to have a strong grip.

Furthermore, you can use the outfit for hunting, surveillance, birdwatching, and military purposes. For camping sites in a dense area, this would be the best option as it will provide you a proper 3D coverage. 

The package has one hood with adjustable straps for the chin. In addition, a breathable netted opening on the front side. Furthermore, a jacket with elastic strips for waist adjustments, and a pair of trousers with a proper drawstring tie. Also, there is a carry bag to put your related items, and you can also pack your ghillie suit into that bag for traveling purposes. Lastly, the suit also has a gun cover to provide you a complete cover. 


  • Highly dense
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Portable
  • Fire-retardant
  • Waterproof

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Modern Warrior Ghillie Suit

3. Modern Warrior Mixed Tactical and Hunting Ghillie Suit

This is another well-designed ghillie suit by Modern Warriors. In addition, this camouflage is mainly designed to provide 3D coverage in danger zones. A person can get fully concealed by using it to avoid danger.

The camouflage is masterly created to disguise its user completely. In this way, a person can easily focus and centralize his prey. So, you can feel the ease and pleasure of being invisible in the physical world.

This dress is designed and stitched very well to attach all the synthetic threads over it. So, you will not face the problem of a sudden and irritating thread fall out. 

The suit usually comes completely packed in the stuff bag. It will take no time to unpack the bag. After unpacking, you need to fluff it out. It will be a shocking and admirable point for you when you will be impressed by its quality.

The dress is super adjustable. It can adjust a man of 6 feet. In addition, other people can also be adjusted to it by making it according to their size. It is very easy to handle. So, you can easily alter its size.

It is a three-piece suit. You will receive a jacket, pants, and a stuff bag with it. It can work in forests, woodland, and Halloween. Moreover, it has elastic bands with it; you can manage the grip around yourself. 


  • Well made
  • Fits great
  • Durable
  • Adjustable


  • Jacket snaps/bands are slightly loose.

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Outerdo Ghillie Suit

4. OUTERDO Camo Suits Ghillie Suits

Outerdo camo ghillie suit is a different ghillie suit as compared to others. This dress is made up of soft mesh polyester fabric and nylon rope. Its appearance is unique. Also, it has a rough surface to give it a 3D look. 

Moreover, it doesn’t have any threads over it. It has some small extensions of fabric that give it a leafy outlook. Furthermore, it prevents sticking small leaves, twigs, and sticks on your ghillie suit. So, many users have to face this problem, and they have to spend a lot of their time cleaning their ghillie suit. So, you can remain safe from such an extra effort and will also be able to save your time.

The material is very soft, and you can easily put it on or take it off. Also, due to its smooth texture, it will feel very even to your skin. It can go over any type of clothing you want. 

The suit has two pieces—a jacket and pants. The jacket has a zipper on the front side and also has a drawstring to tighten it according to your desire. Furthermore, the cuffs and ankles have elastic adjustments for proper fitting. 


  • Breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good for summer


  • The zipper is a bit low in quality.

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Closing Thoughts

The ghillie suit has a very attractive history, and we have tried our best to answer, “Why do they call it a ghillie suit?”.

We have seen the meaning and uses of this name in history. Along with it, we have listed some popular ghillie suits with the best qualities. Lastly, the features, pros, and cons are discussed in detail.

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