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Woodland Ghillie Suit Tips for the Outdoors

November 28, 2020

By Nate


What is the best woodland ghillie suit when you need the most concealment in the wild? We hope this post provides some information to assist you.

In wildlife documentaries, you might have noticed an innocent animal suddenly dies or falls down on the ground without any disturbance in the surroundings. You might also have seen some moving bushes or grass after some time of the attack. 

This type of situation can confuse a person, or he can misunderstand the whole situation. 

This sort of occasion happens because of a ghillie suit. A ghillie suit, when worn, makes the wearer completely different from the original look. The ghillie suit breaks the profile of the user and presents him as another living or non-living thing. 

A woodland ghillie suit disguises its user into the woodland. There are a number of tasks that a person has to perform in woodland. The most famous thing that people usually like to do in the woodlands is hunting. 

Where Can I Get a Ghillie Suit?

A woodland ghillie suit is not hard to find. It is very easily available to the public. A thing will make its place everywhere if it proves very well and admirable. The ghillie suit also has the same case. Due to its importance and benefits, it is available easily in the market.

Surplus Stores: 

Ghillie suits are very common for military use, and these suits can easily be found in any military surplus store. You can easily have access to a woodland ghillie suit from any store near you that sells the things for military purposes. 

In the Market:

You can find the best ghillie suit in the market. The market is full of the best products of ghillie suits. Besides a woodland ghillie suit, you can also find the ghillie suits for snowy areas and for deserts. A versatile range of ghillie suits available in the market will make you surprised. A personal visit to the market will give you a chance to check and judge the products according to your own satisfaction.


As it is the time of eCommerce, everything is now accessible and available on the internet. Online shopping enables men to perform many tasks of daily life like purchasing from home or offices just by clicks. You can also buy a woodland ghillie suit online from your home. At this point, some people think that how would they judge or check the product from home just by seeing the pictures. 

For their convenience, a detailed description is always available for every product. You can use the description to become aware of that product. Along with the description, the buyer can also read the honest and real reviews of that product. Other buyers use to leave reviews about the product to inform or warn the next one about the product. 

Make Your Own: 

It is another way of having a ghillie suit. A lot of people do not get satisfaction from the ready-made outfits, or some people cannot find their size. Making a ghillie suit is a good option for them. 

No doubt, it is time-consuming, but one can have a satisfactory level according to his/her size and shape. Making your own ghillie suit is not tough. You can find many procedures and methods of creating a ghillie suit at home from the internet. 

By using some simple things and steps, you can have your ghillie suit according to your choice. 

Are Ghillie Suits Legal?

Yes, ghillie suits are legal to use for various tasks. But every place has its own rules and regulations. Before using it, one should check the regulations of his/her area. Otherwise, it is fully legal to conceal yourself by using a ghillie suit. 

There are some countries in which you can see some restrictions regarding the use of ghillie suits because of its misuse. It gets restricted when used for illegal purposes. 

In Australia, people cannot wear a ghillie suit in a public place because of an incident that occurred in Australia when a woman was attacked by a strange person. From that time, there are some restrictions on wearing ghillie suits in public.

If used correctly, it can offer a lot of benefits and safety during hunting, playing, photo capturing, and bird viewing. 

Are Ghillie Suits Good for Hunting?

While hunting in forests and woodlands, the hunters need to be safe and shielded. In order to make them invisible from the prey’s sight, they use woodland ghillie suits. The woodland ghillie suits are made according to the environment of the woodland. 

The ghillie suits for woodland are designed by mixing the colors to make the outfit natural and amazing. In the past, people had to search for their prey, and they also had to be very conscious of the attack of any other dangerous animal. In this way, they had to concentrate on two things side by side. 

But nowadays, the ghillie suit has made hunting easy because after wearing it, a person only needs to concentrate on his target instead of saving him. The task of security is done by ghillie suits. A person with a ghillie suit over his body can complete his hunting game more easily and quickly as compared to a person who does not have any ghillie suit over his body. Thus, it is proved that a ghillie suit can create a noticeable and big difference between a person with a ghillie suit and a person without a ghillie suit.

Woodland Ghillie Suits Can be Used for What?

In woodlands, a ghillie suit can be a source of comfort and ease for many purposes. There are a number of different events where a person can use a woodland ghillie suit. Let’s discuss some of them.

Army Operations: 

Army men need to be camouflaged in the woodland to hide from enemies. They have to deal with many tasks in the boundaries of woodland. It is dangerous for an army man to wait and attack his opponent in casual dress or uniform because the opponents can detect him very easily. 

Army men wear a ghillie suit specially designed for woodlands and then hide in the bushes or at any place where they can get the opportunity to become invisible. This way, the woodland camouflage makes it easy for the army youth to perform the task accurately. 


It is a game played by the players on outdoor grounds or woodlands. Players have to eliminate each other by detecting and targeting others with painted balls. In the game, players use the woodland ghillie suit to remain hidden for a long time in order to win the game. 


Those who want to become a ranked person/player of airsoft prefer the use of ghillie suits during the game. They hide by wearing the ghillie suits matching their environment. They become invisible in the area and cannot be easily detected by others. 

Hide and Seek: 

Children’s enjoyment exceeds the next level when they play hide and seek after wearing a ghillie suit. The ghillie suit makes their game more critical, tough, and enjoyable. 


As discussed earlier, hunting is a well-known passion that people fulfill happily. But it requires safety measures. A ghillie suit is one of those safety measures. To remain undetectable and invisible, people use a ghillie suit similar to their environment. 

How Can You Save a Ghillie Suit After Use?

As ghillie suits are very easy to use, they are also easy to save after use. The ghillie suit with threads over it can catch many debris and other ground extras on it. It can take time to remove all these extra things, but it is also very necessary to remove wastage attached to it. Otherwise, it will look very dirty and unnatural. 

On the other hand, there are some ghillie suits having a 3D design on their exterior sides for looking natural and dynamic. These types of ghillie suits do not catch any ground detritus on them. These suits are easy to save after use as compared to the first one. They also do not demand the time to clean the extras from the dress.

After the first use, if you need, you can wash your ghillie suit. A good quality ghillie suit is washable, especially all the dresses made up of synthetic materials are washable. The dresses of natural material are very tough to wash, and the wetness/moisture can start many bacterial and contiguous chemical reactions with the natural material. 

A ghillie suit designed by using any synthetic material can give you a very long-lasting use because it is not only easy to wash but also very easy to dry.

After the wash, one can tie the suit and can put it into the stuff bag that comes with its package. 

Closing Thoughts

A woodland ghillie suit offers its user many advantages. In this article, we have discussed ways when a person can use a ghillie suit in woodland. Moreover, the places from where you can get a good quality ghillie suit are also mentioned in the above sections.

You may be able to find the right way to save your suit after the use after reading this article. We have tried to make it a proper helpful guide for you, and we hope you will find it helpful.

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